One of the best feelings in the world is when you hug the person you love, and they hug you tighter <3
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posted 12 years ago by 04.14.12


Glory 11 year ago  +2
Alanta 11 year ago  +2
I lyk text.
anais 11 year ago  +2
thats cute and it is the best feeling ❤
mexican chica 10 year ago  +2
it's so cute and true:)
Umareasylife 11 year ago  +1
9s txt
Mwewa mulemba 10 year ago  +1
Dats 4 ril!
Rachel 10 year ago  +1
I love you in my heart you are nice to me baby
ishak gambo 11 year ago
nyc txt
Akorede emmanuel 11 year ago
The text is real
nellyjade clarkson 11 year ago
thats tru
Michael orji 11 year ago
He realy talk sence
garima 11 year ago
Really its true.
jyoti 11 year ago
nyc txt
BaByGirl 11 year ago
ive had that happen to me before it actualy was the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD
Amanda 11 year ago
On pOiNt dEAr!
tebogo 11 year ago
Dats true
alvin alex 11 year ago
yeah that's true
Lol 11 year ago
That's happened to me and I was so :D
Drake 11 year ago
I love you
Rain sky 10 year ago
Ive seen those exact words some where before...
babynotbabe 10 year ago
I want a hug :(
bb 10 year ago
Dats cute.
Leo 10 year ago
Savi 10 year ago
It is d bst feeling wen ur loved one hugs u tightly...
Guest 10 year ago
Da true baby x
Guest 10 year ago
I wanna hug uu partner x
neha 10 year ago
stephanie 10 year ago
Randy I want to hold u tigh. Let make love
aleena 10 year ago
Its true.. <3
lalaine 9 year ago
Hmmm I feel that's feels so fantastic miss you baby...
ken 8 year ago
That really happened me tonight
Tinex 7 year ago
Sweet love never end
ishak gambo 11 year ago  -1
nyc txt
Abdulbasid musa 11 year ago  -1
Nyc nd interesting txt
TheColorCute 11 year ago  -1
So true!
Afinnet 11 year ago  -1
Honestly speaking
umar 11 year ago  -1
Nice comment
Ammed sidiki 11 year ago  -1
love and care
oriyomi 11 year ago  -1
i believe u.
OhSoLyssa 11 year ago  -1
100% the truth.. ;))))))))))
olive 11 year ago  -1
Flawless 10 year ago  -1
That's the most boring wack text iv ever red...I swear to God if you were my girlfiend and post that shit on my wall on facebook... I would also dump you on your wall nx!
Guest 7 year ago  -1
its true