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  • you're like oxygen, if I don't have enough of you I will get sick. If I have nothing of you, I can't live at all
  • If you gave me a love portion, don't let me miss the dosage because I don't want to stop loving you.
  • Do you believe in true love or should I walk by again
  • I'm never bored with you. You know how to annoy me and also put a smile on my face. Nothing in this world could ever be as wonderful as the love you've given me
  • The pain i have when I think you are going away, unimaginable, this shows you are my heart- I cant live without my heart...
  • My shyness withstands everything I want. It overprotects the thing I want and desire. To be a lover of another.
  • maybe its the way you smile,maybe its the way you laugh, I don't know but I cant keep you off my mind~Mattie