The Official Romance Test®

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  • I sent angels to go watch over you but they came back with in two minutes and told me angels don't watch over angels.
  • I look in the sky and wondered why the stars are that dull and then I realized that even you shines brighter than them.
  • I'm the luckiest guy in the entire world to have such an amazing and most perfect girlfriend ever<3 i have everlasting love for you babe & it won't ever change!
  • My love for you is open and naked
  • If all women were to be crops I will be the best farmer
  • I like the way u do your things, I like the way u say my name especially when u telling me u luv me and in everything u do when it involves me that forms me
  • The woman of my heart (mildred) just th smile lives forever that makes me think there is no death I love you.