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  • The only regret I have is not knowing you since the day I was born
  • hi am so glad to join this love sight and i will be glad to receive more messages everyday
  • Love is in the is in your heart your feelings and say those three magical words... I LOVE YOU :)
  • Hey are you feeling tired? That's because you were running in my mind the whole day (:
  • This is what real men does: GF: Babe you got a new message from your phone! BF: Ah babe why don't you just check it out, I'm still bathing?.
  • Babe, I freaking love you from here to the moon, from the moon to the stars, from the stars to the milky way, and from the milky way to beyond. I love you princess.
  • The time I had my first love, I was looking at you, And now, I want to see your face even before I die. You gave me a reason to be alive, and that's yourself.