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  • Let me guess what you're doing? Reading a book? Nah! Listening to music? Nope! Watching TV? Nah! Caught you,You're missing me and reading my message now! Oh, and now you're smiling.
  • I love you mwanjie. Had it been there anything I could have done to win your heart. I could have sacrificed my whole mind to the devil.
  • All I want is for you to run your fingers through my broken soul. I don't need to be fixed, only understood. Every little piece of me is yours.
  • Live backwords is evil your name backwords is mine
  • Our love is so strong in which God made it like a hurricane; there are no enemies that will enter that will not be taken away by a violent wind.
  • My feelings r not written words,not sms,emails,tweets,facebook,bbm,whatsapp not phone calls.My r personal frm me to u hugs,kisses,caressing smooching hrt 2 hrt
  • I miss you so much ! Do you know I can't live without you please come please come back ! I love you <3