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  • Reality is an illusion caused due to the deficiency of drugs ;)
  • Love can hurt, but yet make you feel good. Love can kill but it can save. Love is foolish but yet lead us to the right way. Love is mad but it makes us reason.
  • Until I am old and dead, my heart would still beat for your smiles and beautiful affection which you have always shown to me.
  • Your love makes my days so bright, just knowing you're an extension of me. Thank You because you've made me a better person by loving me for who I am.
  • It kills me everyday that i dont get to see you, your the only person that puts a smile on my face and thats all i ask of you, ill take care of the rest
  • Love is something, that no one can hate love is passion, we find in our mate, love can happen anytime, early or late...
  • Always remember that I'm always going to be thinking of you, every second of the day. I mean it.