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  • ()?) (?() ( ?;:? ) ( )?) (?(? ) When I send you a Message, you might smile :-> But when you send me a message, I Kiss my Mobile!
  • Honey, the distance between us doesn't stop my love for you. I miss you everyday.
  • My love worthy more than a thousand US$, Even a ueropean traders can not manage to buy it but only wif your heart..... I love you
  • I love you just the way you are
  • I love you as much as the stars in the sky, as much as my heart beats, n as mush as the water droplets in the ocean.. I love you unconditionally baby ♡
  • your eyes shine like the moon, your smile is bright as the sun, i can't get you of my mind, i think that you're the one
  • When they say love is blind, I think it's so to others, cause darling, I can see all the beauties of the world in you! ♥‎