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  • When I saw U I was afraid to meet U, when I met U I was afraid to kiss U, when I kissed U I was afraid to love U, now that I love U I'm afraid to lose U.
  • It's funny how I look up into the stars, and you're the first thing that comes into my mind.
  • Loneliness is my second name once you are out of my sight. I can withstand any harsh condition but not without being watered by your love and caring. Love you
  • Not a second goes without thinking of you. You're in my mind, in my thoughts, in my heart baby. You're the man of my dreams and I'm lucky you're my reality.. love you
  • If loving you is a crime then I guess prison will be my next home for my entire life because the love I have for you will never end♥♥
  • get in my belly you sexy telly
  • The best day of my life is the day I met you. The best moments of my life are the moments I spent with you. My love for you grows stronger day by day