You're fat and ugly! But! But! Your heart is BEAUTIFUL
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posted 8 years ago by Hello hello


Dr Hippo 8 year ago  +6
At least he's honest :P
Apacolypso 8 year ago  +6
It isnt rude at all.. It's hilarious... lol after u tell her that... Tell her to make you a sandwich.....
Hehe 8 year ago  +4
syndrome 8 year ago  +3
Btw u know atleast 1000 of these dislikes r enraged fat women getting all pissy over the eat a twinky, it's gonna be k....
red 7 year ago  +3
If he felt the need to put a "but" in the quote then it wasn't needed. I get it though. Let it be for the internet not for her. Fellas, NEVER TELL YOUR LADY SHE IS FAT, OR UGLY :-)
Pimpin hoes 8 year ago  +2
Lmaooo love it ^^
mahdi 8 year ago  +2
you can say it only for a slim pretty girl, if your girl is a bit fat and you tell her this, she gonna kill you hahahhahaha
Lover of life 8 year ago  +2
Lmaoooo 😩😂😭
Skittles 8 year ago  +1
Bahahaahaha !!!!!
The Prince 8 year ago  +1
But dats rudeness,
yug 8 year ago  +1
Guest 8 year ago  +1
rude tell anyone that u better sleep with 1 eye open for the rest of ur life
Hannah Green 8 year ago  +1
It's not meant to be rude, it's just telling you that people should be judged by the inside.
justinBieberLoverxx 8 year ago  +1
Hahah LMAO its not being rude its being honest !!
bluffer 7 year ago  +1
its stupid shme
Guest 7 year ago  +1
Guest 7 year ago  +1
Good way to her punched
KavansGirl<3 7 year ago  +1
If you want knocked the f**k out you say it to her ;)but if you don't want hurt then don't tell her that. Trust me she probably has a friend who could hide a body ;) bc I do!!
Guest 8 year ago
Dr sage 8 year ago
so cute
yo momma 8 year ago
Bad Jane 8 year ago
Rude & mean smh
meee 8 year ago
she might say awe after she kills ur family
Mendo El-baadriko 8 year ago cute Mehn
moore 8 year ago
that is messed up you never call a girl fat and or ugly
Guest 8 year ago
A boy said that to a girl one time. He was stabbed. But he's ok
OhSoLyssa 8 year ago
lmao... straight-to-the-point... :p
Trouble-Maker 8 year ago
This is kinda rude but its funny too...:D
emmm 8 year ago
so sweet
m,. 8 year ago
totally do not like that quote could be offensive to others
yumetzyf 8 year ago
pwwahahahahlalala.... What was he meantby her heart beautiful???
jmy_ 8 year ago
at least her heart is pretty haha :D
debby 8 year ago
That's so mean
debby 8 year ago
That's so mean
Hailey 8 year ago
Tht is rude, If someone ever said tht to me I would slap them
ovoh 8 year ago
Love is a thing of the heart,not size,the emphasis on size is out of place.funny but don't try this on a fat chick.
kevin 7 year ago
you are really dumb
MIGHTY 7 year ago
lol if you want to go to hell now tell her that and she will kick you to the nearest hell i'm telling you. hahahahahahaa you will be kicked yyou to the seventh hell
Homie K 7 year ago
Lol have fin diein
Antonio 7 year ago
She'll not listen again
Swag 7 year ago
wtf 7 year ago
if he/she read this message......he/she is GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;P
Guest 7 year ago
shame atleast she have a beautiful heart
precious 7 year ago
kwaaaaaaaaks dats rude amin very rude
2B35F393 7 year ago
Lolz, it's so funny, I can't say that to any girl, that's so rude.
Asanda 7 year ago
Arg i would kill thaat person i hate someone who tell me thaat am fat arg whoever who wrote this quote is stupid
Asanda 7 year ago
Sies people like to critisize fat people;->
Guest 7 year ago
thats to mean why would someone say something like that like forreal they wouldnt want nobody telling they mommt nothing like that at all!!! ahaha i swear people do the most when it comes to internet!
yomite 7 year ago
it's just normal but not for a start oooooooo
WiseGuest 7 year ago
Im sorry but is this suppose to be a joke. Come on, really? Not funny!
tk 7 year ago
So stupid
Ace 7 year ago
Some people do not understand jokes, so please be careful. Use it only on those who understand, otherwise u will be chickless.
I love u shhhhhhhhhh 7 year ago
Thxs that mades alottttt !!!!!
Guest 7 year ago
It very rude to sms your gfrnd wit Sach stupid funny
swissverome 7 year ago
Sometimes you use negative impulses to generate positive impulses. But this text can make the recipient hyper tensive.
alexandria 6 year ago
Well well well...I am fat & ugly. & I thought this shit was funny :). If the shoe fits...I say wear it . 💖
Guest 6 year ago
Hahaha dude thats just cruel
nizar 6 year ago
That will make her hate you not love you !!
HlengzTholeeh 6 year ago'll be killed within an instant for saying that to women...
Guest 6 year ago
Uuuugggghhhhh this sucks
swapnil 6 year ago
This is something you need to understand .... But never tell this to your girl or you will be killed by her I bet, hahaha
Jennifer 6 year ago
You are very sick, go tell that to your mama.....
Chavivi 5 year ago
No it tells you to always love who you are in direction,..
ciel phantomhive 5 year ago
Everyone your the ones being rude it is his message ... I think it was interesting, and I believe I understand it.
ciel phantomhive 5 year ago
Lol not all people care if they are fat so.... I don't think he meant it to be rude.
Chloe 5 year ago
That is so rude and If I was that person who got the text I would break up with him /her and cuss them out
arvin_18 4 year ago
Love hello
z poman 8 year ago  -1
Where there is love there is hope,put a...
little little 8 year ago  -1
this quote LMFAO! but whoever wrote this quote is stupit-_- what a dumb quote!
Broken Heart 8 year ago  -1
WahahahahahhahaY! lol! If A Guy Told That To A Fat Girl He's Gonna Be Dead The Very Nxt Day! xD
Daniel 7 year ago  -1
Simply bulls**t and rude!
dakota 7 year ago  -1
This is very very rude because I belive no one is ugly on the inside or outside everyone is beautiful