Some people die younger because god loves them too much, but I'm still on earth because someone loves me more than god.
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posted 9 years ago by rabin1


Albert 9 year ago  +7
You can't compare God with anything/anyone and God knew you before you where born, sorry for this (guest 37 bible says if you call someone an idiot you won't enter heaven
sagacious 9 year ago  +4
This are prefectly ok by me!
sagacious 9 year ago  +4
Zico u dnt ave to be upset bcaz d god he wrote was small letter not capital letter.. god is differ from GOD
natasha 9 year ago  +4
I'm 13 and I can tell you no One loves you more than GOD •
Laff-n-pause 9 year ago  +2
Please,think you did not say that with your right sense
G.Satish Kumar 9 year ago  +2
I am funked by this quote,it was very beautiful.I like it.(I want to see you)I request you send some more mgs.
KT 9 year ago  +2
He has the freedom to say what he believes, who are you to judge on that?
kutz 9 year ago  +1
u r lying!
Guest 9 year ago  +1
He is sick
Brad 9 year ago  +1
I know you shouldn't play with god even though I am not a believer but just switch it around a bit so it says you are still on earth because I love you more than god and it will be great :)
Debrah 9 year ago  +1
Do not underestimate the unconditional Love of God because of The lust of your flesh. You can never love someone than God love the world.
Prince Muhammad 9 year ago  +1
are you mad just speak good or be silent.
stephen oceng 9 year ago  +1
Dia it would have been goon if it was about something apart from God. God has right to do has he want but not because someone is holding you thx
Austine 9 year ago  +1
It seems nobody is getting the write up..... god is different from God.... I wonder why u all re typing God why "god" was used in the post.... Best ever... Thumb up*
Jarrett 9 year ago  +1
What is wrong with you people he is expressing his feelings towards someone he loves so what he said she loves him more then god you people don't understand the true passion of love itself
Rakesh 9 year ago  +1
I Like it. because,my darling reshma likes me more than the I am still on the earth.It is true.
Rakesh 9 year ago  +1
I Like it. because,my darling reshma likes me more than the I am still on the earth.It is true.
gg 9 year ago  +1
No one loves you more than God. He is the reason why you are on this earth. He created you. REPHRASE THAT STATEMENT PLZ!!!!!!!!
jacob 9 year ago  +1
How are all of you people so *** CRAZY?!
Zico 9 year ago
Your very stupid by saying that
lailah 9 year ago
This is a very bad thing to say,nobody loves us more than GOD,please don't ever say such thing again,you're not a child!
zack 9 year ago
Don't play with God .......If you dnt knw whats to say shut your mouth plzz God is not a joy
festy 9 year ago
Please kindly pray and tell God u are sorry, our good God is always ready to forgive us and he is going to forgive you
Guest 9 year ago
You are an idiot you dont know what you are saying dax why
Guest 9 year ago
If God ddnt love yew o much..u could have not be on earth!nobody can love yew more dan God
Guest #5 9 year ago
Last time I checked, we have the freedom of speech. So let people post what they want, if ya dont like it, dont tell them. Its simple.
ejimec 9 year ago
you must be insane to say that someone loves you more than God, no one loves you more than God, the day God less love you then that day you will die, just know that the only true love is God
Bellesotie 9 year ago
Don't let the wrath of God descends on you for that illicit comments. For God so love d world dat he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him will have abundant life
kemJoe 9 year ago
Deceive & console yourself with the write up....
Nevermind 9 year ago
I'm an atheist and so I agree with this quote.
aidan 9 year ago
God loves everyone more than anyone else loves them
troy 9 year ago
Well I'm an atheist so I'm totally ok with this and to all you haters out there stop being a bunch of idiots and pushing your beliefs on to this its just a message
kingsley 9 year ago
Pls don't play with our GOD though he is merciful but be care and always remember that he is the Almighty GOD ok pls.
Katie 9 year ago
There is no one that loves you more than God...the fact that you alive is proof on its own. And some people die younger because it is God's will...everything happens for a reason...God has a plan...
Katie 9 year ago
Yes everybody has a freedom of speech but there is a reason that there is a comment box so why don't you leave people to comment...
Guest 9 year ago
God loves you more
Casharry 9 year ago
I find there are so many stupid people commenting bad about this quote... I love this quote... what's wrong if you say someone loves you more than God... Please don't be childish!
Guest 9 year ago
That yu write a small "g" god isnt a mistake,I believe
Guest 9 year ago
Guest 9 year ago
God owns d life,which u tink u r living for someone else,you r stil alive cos of his unconditional love 4 u,mind ur love language and dnt compare it wit Gods love!
Willie 9 year ago
You're crazy buddy play forgiveness
john 9 year ago
LOL You silly Christians and your bizarre interpretation of "God", and INSANE law enforcement on philosophical perspectives. Such an intolerant and ignorant bunch.
truth 9 year ago
You are silly
Dil 9 year ago
Itz me dil
happy 9 year ago
Please what you said was not write, no one love you more than the creator.( God) and (god) are two different meaning.
Misha Sree Miny 9 year ago
Cum on, it's juz a small poem but it mention about de gud n de bad, don't worry it's very superb..; )
me,myself, and I 9 year ago
It's fine to love someone and send romantic sms to you're love but in this sms I thing you're commit the second commandment from the bible. be careful to the things that you are doing
emmanuel 9 year ago
Dont lie to us!
santos lankee 9 year ago
You are a very very BIG FOOL for saying someone loves you more than GOD
Saad Abdulmumin Coom 9 year ago
Hahaha, you are ungrateful. Have you forgotten that she was created by that God? Even if you are not meaning the supreme God but so long as you called it God that means you have regards for it.
God is Great 9 year ago
You know what God love you more than any person on this earth, how dare you say that "there is someone that loves you more than God". without God you wouldn't have that girl.
ht1-- 9 year ago
Goddamn... the amount of religious BS here... I like this one. dont listen to these haters man they just want to believe in something blindly so they dont have to fear whats next.
ha 8 year ago
I'm a muslim . It's very rude to say that
John d 8 year ago
Hell is waiting 4 you
godfearing22 8 year ago
marcel 8 year ago
He mentioned god not God maybe he's talking about a god of something, maybe harvest or fertility..but if you meant God may He do what is best to you
Makenzie brashear 8 year ago
Not nice at all so 👎🏻
palami 8 year ago
Any lady that will be convince with this text, she most be a fool.
kinuthia 8 year ago
GOD is the only and Strongest LOVE one can ever have,and loving your partner more than any gods on earth is great but FIRST and FOREMOST LOVING GOD, THE CREATOR OF ALL AMONG ALL AND EVERYTHING
Jonathan 8 year ago
Wow Its Very Perfect
meredith hallman 8 year ago
Alameen is agree with you
Gladys 8 year ago
Hell is your possession. Am not judging
Enoch 8 year ago
Stupid love message, my girlfriend will break up with me because of that
Roddy Ricch 3 year ago
Actually... It just a comment! Just a funny make your love smile.after she stop smiling,then she will correct you.if she is that God fearing type!
Ashirmusty 9 year ago  -1
Better ask for forgiveness .....he always forgive
Aliyu kura 9 year ago  -1
Innalillahi wa`inna ilaihi raji`un_ is there any one that love you morethan the one that create you?
SHOES 9 year ago  -1
No love is greater than the LOVE OF GOD and no love can be compared to THE LOVE OF GOD.
golden 9 year ago  -1
You don't have any idea of what you are saying!bec God is love and love is God
tarren 9 year ago  -1
You dont know what is love if you say sum one loves you more dn god gosh boi
stubar 4 Manchester united 9 year ago  -1
God? Or God?.... Let's get his points first... There is a big golf between them... #so judge not, that ye be not judge. mattew chapter 7... |ah love you all, but GOD does love you best|
nats 9 year ago  -1
Forgive me love is for you but not for that ediot who said someone loves them more than god fool dont day that again god will kill you becuz you are young
talia 9 year ago  -1
Fool you you niam foal batty how could you say that about our god
talia 9 year ago  -1
You people are realy crazy crazy who could love you more than the lord jesus christ
Guest 9 year ago  -1
😱😥😱😱😱 Nobody loves you more than God 🙏🎉🎉
Alameen vs zainab 9 year ago  -1
God loves you that's why he send you to the earth.he loves you more than any other being that's why he take you away from them to be with him.
Chester 9 year ago  -1
Beautiful nonsense
Ansu 9 year ago  -1
God, forgive
Olam 9 year ago  -1
I like it too ,because of strong word to describe your feeling to make your lover happiest one. I wish all couples to do that .
Neh 9 year ago  -2
Xeim other people.the z no one who cn say ilv you mor than God,if th'iz anyone who say that he/sh iz lying guys plz