You're so fine I would drink your bath water!
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posted 6 years ago by Bedazzelle


Audrey 6 year ago  +4
Lol yeah yummy
Chrysler 6 year ago  +2
Omfg lmao! That's so freaking funny
the dude from iran 5 year ago  +2
You're so fine I would eat your soap, and drink your shampoo 😁
ralf 6 year ago  +1
That's just sick ! And it is your bath .... Not you''re
chinco 6 year ago  +1
What sort of love is that.
chick 6 year ago  +1
lmfao this is funny idk why u think its sick its just a website
Guest 6 year ago  +1
this is so stupid
Enosh 6 year ago  +1
This is n't love stupid
chippie 6 year ago  +1
joshua 6 year ago  +1
Bedazzelle 6 year ago  +1
Hahaha I wrote that and I knew this would cause a stir.. ahahahah lighten up a lil peeps, oh and sorry for my spelling error upstanding citazen's so above everyone else lol... : )
faeeq (eqiboy) 6 year ago  +1
Lokkkkkl uu* funny bro. Lighten up ppl it is after all its jst a website
Bona 6 year ago  +1
What ar flagabastic post.... I say no to dat@me and me
Guest 5 year ago  +1
LadyBugg 5 year ago  +1
Classic!!! Any body who doesn't know this quote does not know history lmaoooooo!!
Rhwax 5 year ago  +1
Craziie sh*t
observer 6 year ago
Previous poster meant disgusting, not sock/cool, and by the way, it's spelt YOUR.
mpho 6 year ago
Oh no!
John Sean 6 year ago
That's what yo mama said
tundefola#42 6 year ago
You are liable to die young
Nony Richard 6 year ago
If u drink d water will it make u a super star..? Or a celeb..? ...."juvenile thinking"
Israel 6 year ago
katz 6 year ago
You r crazy
My I 6 year ago
lailah 6 year ago
GOD forbid,I can't even drink my bath water,let alone drinking another person's own!
Bedazzelle 5 year ago
Jwayezee feelings are mutual. Crud
talia 5 year ago
Joy is to peace happiness is to pea soup like is to love
talia 5 year ago
Joy is to peace happiness is to pea soup like is to love
Hersh 5 year ago
At the end of my bath I wash my socks in it. Hhhhh funny
Hersh 5 year ago
At the end of my bath I wash my socks in it. Hhhhh funny
Mankana 5 year ago
LoL!!! You're so damn funny yoh
rani molepo 5 year ago
\Yo, I truly love him but I won't apply that, a big fat NO
waxzy 5 year ago
That's impossible....just teasing her
Zim-za 5 year ago
Ja neh..
Micheal 5 year ago
jason 5 year ago
Shit me shit ina unnu mada man
jason 5 year ago
Me cyaa tek the freakyness enuh man
sharon 5 year ago
Thats so funny
cookey 5 year ago
!!!shocked!!! love beyond
senior prophet 5 year ago
Hmmm... So crazy... But I don't think that's possible.. Maybe the guy is just flirting his lover..... LolZzzzzzzzzz
Bright 277 days ago
Wahoo! So lovely to drink love one bathwater
boss 6 year ago  -1
What the hell is rong with you
Bedazzelle Bathwater 6 year ago  -1
I am so fine I would drink MY bathwater!!!
Jak 6 year ago  -1
Inpossible that, we are human being and we have to act like human being
hey 5 year ago  -1
Thats just f*****g disgusting...
shally braavo 4 year ago  -1
Ou no..! Jesus must come back first, and after I will turn to you
skyper 6 year ago  -2
you will die early
bobby 6 year ago  -2
That's just creepy
bobie 6 year ago  -2
Thts kinder!
mike 6 year ago  -2
so funny,i'm not really sure you can do that.
Jwayezee 5 year ago  -3
You are not fine.l would not drink your bathwater