My favorite thing to do is stand outside your window and stare at you ;)
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posted 12 years ago by heartslove4eva


Renate 12 year ago  +3
sounds like a stalker
Guest 12 year ago  +3
Thats kinda scary
sunshine 12 year ago  +1
What's more disturbing the message or the fact that 25 people liked it?
rocket 12 year ago  +1
haha, guess you re right sunshine. Though, so far at least 17 people seemed wise, and disliked it. Now 18 ;-)
Ha 11 year ago  +1
Restraining order
hmmm 12 year ago
I would get a pfa if someone sent this. STALKER!
hm 11 year ago
tmo 11 year ago
Its not normal crap...
Guest 11 year ago
Kinda scary
Guest 10 year ago
Lalakl 10 year ago
и сюда запостил.
Me 11 year ago  -1
lol wow i think it stupid 8]