Girl: baby i'm pregnant boy: wow we going to have child love Girl: yes baby but is not you kicky your dog Boy: died
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posted 11 years ago by hot dog


Ashley Burrows 10 year ago  +5
if rain drops were phone calls, i could send you showers. if kisses were seas, i could have sent u oceans. and if love is human, then i would send u my heart.
.. 11 year ago  +4
yesh 10 year ago  +4
Da fuq did I just read..
Vicky.mishra 10 year ago  +3
I like to die more than read this message....don't make yourself a joke...never send this type of funny messages...
Guest 11 year ago  +2
Woh there was a twist. Lol
dafuq 10 year ago  +2
This post gave me cancer
Lovelygurll 10 year ago  +2
I don't get it.....
hisgirl 11 year ago  +1
jef_kadin 11 year ago  +1
woooh! it lol my heart
emma 11 year ago
Woow 2 much :
Sangeeta.mishra 10 year ago
Heeeey sooo boring msg...i want to think for sleep after read ur boaring msg
marshal216 10 year ago
That sucks!!! Boring
Err…nah 9 year ago
This makes no sense at whatsoever, if your gonna post something online at least make sure it makes sense 1st
lolol 9 year ago
tooclassy4u 9 year ago
This is so stupid.. You should be ashamed of yourself. idiot.
sickid 10 year ago  -1
This makes no sense whatsoever