If you are ugly you are nice.
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posted 9 years ago by Vanessa


Kaydot 9 year ago  +4
Niceness doesn't lie in appearance because a fish in a bowl has no hiding place.
Tempul j 9 year ago  +3
Living witout you is like a tree witouth a leaf.witouth your love is like am mising the whole would.
Wiz-espar 9 year ago  +2
Love ones to be ugly, I love that.
Serve 9 year ago  +2
I don't believe someone tailing me I love you antil I feel the love cous love is feeling nt talling
janajay 9 year ago  +2
Wow... gotta be the most stupid thing I read... today. so all ugly people are nice... right!
Sexy Gurl 9 year ago  +1
Um that is not true, I'm nice and not ugly, look in the mirror for a while. It doesn't matter on the outside it matters on the INSIDE. Think about that for a long ass time, we are all different in our own way so stop.
Tempul 9 year ago  +1
There somthing i whant to tell you i love you .is just like confession to me and i can't keep it inside me than to prove it to you.
KavansGirl<3 9 year ago  +1
So not true. You don't have to be ugly to be nice. I'm beautiful and I'm nice. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. ;)
jesse mixell 9 year ago  +1
hey this is not a cool thing to do to people
Clement Ben 9 year ago
It's a fact.
mexican chica 9 year ago
lol that is so true...the fact part.......:)
hapcycool 4jesus 9 year ago
yes oh
Guest 9 year ago
hell ya
shackboy flywell 9 year ago
mm mayb
zf 9 year ago
Not true ! Some ignorant ppl think it is they r so wrong :) jst saying not to offend any1
Dalia craig 9 year ago
That not true you gorgeous it dont matter what inside it what outside have you and dont it no hurt you and tell you cant be goreous be because you are so yea and someone would love you
Serve 9 year ago
I don't believe someone tailing me I love you antil I feel the love cous love is feeling nt talling
jesse mixell 9 year ago
yes that is true and you have the right things
Guest 9 year ago
It dosen't mean you met a girl or a boy that is ugly dosen't mean they are nice met them first then you will know what happened,or take a look up in the mirrio
pk 9 year ago
May b after insults
tyler 9 year ago
I'm ugly ma mummy love me god love me. Nah I'm good,
Carol 9 year ago
tonny pk 8 year ago
Its lyk insult bt swt