Give a girl eleven real roses and one fake one, and tell her you will love her until the last rose dies.
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posted 11 years ago by Thai


True Love <3 11 year ago  +1
My Boyfriend did this for me. Cutest thing ever <3
Guest 10 year ago  +1
The fake was never alive!
banks 11 year ago
it's just the perfect saying!
qwerty 11 year ago
so sweet. shows true love.
Henrietta 11 year ago
I really love this
Abdulai Mansaray 11 year ago
thank u very much.
Jase 11 year ago
At last, smonoee comes up with the "right" answer!
Kunal 11 year ago
That isnihgt would have saved us a lot of effort early on.
kel 11 year ago
yeah until theres a house fire or a divorce then ur just a lad who talks shit
fdwddhg 10 year ago
i have done that. ive been dating my girlfriend for two years and did it on our first year annavarsary
Joe x-zibit 10 year ago
Still real
zakariya 9 year ago
Love you with all my heart. Love you till my last breath.
field 11 year ago  -1
i love you
ibroo oromoo 8 year ago  -1
I love you