I love u more then my family and you're so sexy i want u in bed and have a babby with u.
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posted 9 years ago by angela


Guest 9 year ago  +29
This makes me want to throw a dictionary at your face
Ellis 9 year ago  +15
By the looks of your spelling you have not hit puberty and we should kill you before you can make a baby with anyone.
anon 9 year ago  +12
Hahahaha who ever this was for I'm sure they ran for hills!
Anonymous 9 year ago  +11
That's the most nasty horrible perverted piece of miss spelled crap I have ever read in my life!
Guest 9 year ago  +7
Kill it before it lays eggs
briana 9 year ago  +6
I love this.
Pat 9 year ago  +6
How is babby formed?
Tha Shortie 9 year ago  +6
Omg, Honey. ~First Learn What's Called "Grammar". &' Then Start Saying Stuff ... Plus Family Member's Come Before That. To Be Honest, You Seem Thirsty!
silverthefox 9 year ago  +5
wow this is just horrible 1. a girl would NOT be or stay with a guy who would say that to her she would leave 2. a lot of miss spelling and 3.its freaking gross :P because it sounds wrong really wrong
noname 9 year ago  +5
Somebody get yo child off here
trendie 9 year ago  +4
LAME should have use a dictionary to help with your spellings
Samantha 9 year ago  +4
If you spell baby "babby" you probably shouldn't try for a "babby" I don't think you should reproduce actually.
mirah 9 year ago  +3
Dude! U deserve a kick in the nuts for that 1... & I shall pay for your tuition fee for English 101 that's how desperately you need it
rob 9 year ago  +3
Who wrote this, a five year old
Meme 9 year ago  +3
When I seen this I laughed. This is not for you try again boo... Or not. Lol
Dexter Fancon 9 year ago  +3
Tha Shortie 9 year ago  +3
Omg, Honey. ~First Learn What's Called "Grammar". Plus To Be Honest You Seem Thirsty! You Should Feel Embarrased.^
YANIQUE 9 year ago  +2
You guys are so disgusting... My god it's a little girl, please be considerate.
michelle 8 year ago  +2
Calms down you guys😒 she is just saying What she wants she is expressing her self OK.. .
Guest 9 year ago  +1
My lover i want a baby 4fm uu
Anonymous 9 year ago  +1
AmNaH 9 year ago  +1
Linda 9 year ago  +1
Wow! This is so stupid... You can learn some grammar from everyone that has comment. Lol..
dont be a hater 9 year ago  +1
Y'all need to stop say kill yourself! Because of you kind of people my friend died!!
King Mota 9 year ago  +1
Ha ha haaaaaaaa! This guy is awesome, so ridiculous ha ha. I like you ;-)
*girly girl* 9 year ago  +1
For all you know this person could be dyslexic and to be honest its sick saying for them to go and kill them self's you lot need to get a grip
noname 9 year ago  +1
Somebody get yo child off here
hall 9 year ago  +1
Ewww that is just pervey and not romantic at all
John Wayne 9 year ago  +1
I surfed the internet to find a cute saying to write on my wife's anniversary card and I found this. Haha, I don't think It would go down well at the anniversary party.
Guest 8 year ago  +1
Hmmmmm,bros I just pity ur life ooo.At ur final year,you cn't spell baby what do you think wil happen in ur teaching career
kimmy 8 year ago  +1
Its a nyc sayin I actually lov my bf mre dan family and I wid giv him a bby
ShadowChaser 8 year ago  +1
This is not a quote this is what actually happens lol who would actually think this is a quote and I agree with everyone kill it before it lays eggs cx
Taryll 8 year ago  +1
Yeah honestly that is not right you must not know how a real relationships work because you need to treat a girl with love(different great ways to do it) and mostly with respect
Mr felix 2 year ago  +1
I love more than as you do, can I kiss you.
Guest 9 year ago
Stupid vow
sunav singh 9 year ago
SHOBHANA 9 year ago
YOU should definitely take english classes,, lol
Kevin 9 year ago
Get outta here..
parna 9 year ago
so fare thee well
Raju(MNR) 9 year ago
My lover i want a baby 4fm &then its do
Jerry kaluwayo 9 year ago
Nice try..but so funny ahahah
Grammar Freak 9 year ago
Just stop..
anonymus 9 year ago
Yuk, get lost.
Arif 9 year ago
I love u more then my family and your so sexy i want u in bed and have a baby with u.
Riches 9 year ago
Oh guys spear him, it was just a typing mistake. He was in a hurry but next time see to it that every word is well spelled before posting.
Boss 9 year ago
Momoh sheriff 9 year ago
Hahahaha! That is great.
Anon 9 year ago
Well. you tried, however yes your spelling is crap.. and yes either you're too young to have a baby or too incompetent. On another note... Not romantic.
shittu 9 year ago
Wow amazing, I'm sorry I don't know what to say!
Jazzman77 9 year ago
Catdeluna 9 year ago
Jeez where did you get this from?
tash 9 year ago
lol smh, like seriously.
miss Wizzy babe 9 year ago
Lol mentation, you are so perverted I would dump you the same time you tell me that.
jeeNa 9 year ago
Hate it
mia 9 year ago
Spelling is important for having baby right?
saqib 9 year ago
Hahahaha really.? Lay off the amphetamines
Dano 9 year ago
Wow. Most of you people can't spell either. You don't say "I seen that." The proper English is, "I saw that." Finish puberty and 6th grade English before you post.
lols 9 year ago
How is babby formed?
Hamada 9 year ago
Shame On you :/ How Can You Say You Love Her More Then your Familly ? She don't even deserve 0.01 % From The love of the Woman that she suffered 9 Mounths For you
Jazz 9 year ago
Bloody fool
Abudala wave 9 year ago
1.then-than 2.baby-baby Your fake..
thatguy 9 year ago
At least he tried. yea ok there was a spelling mistake so what? its just a typo.
rychie 9 year ago
Some people grammar is disgusting but they are seriously teasing someone,yoo gunster forget them
Guest 9 year ago
Stupid..............what hell?...... yaar
Guest 9 year ago
Don't think stupid think right
benjamin 9 year ago
I have fees here for more studies
Guest 9 year ago
This is yuck
quit being haters 9 year ago
You guys need to be nicer because what If this guy killed himself that would be because of you guys
quit being haters 9 year ago
People have said worse, people have done worse and could you really be able to live if you knew this guy killed himself because of you? Think about that before discriminating against people.
HALIE 9 year ago
noname 9 year ago
Mattfayne 9 year ago
Oh my gosh!...a kid, right?......you need to go suck your mama's flat boobs.....GROW UP#
jithin emanuvel 8 year ago
I hope you wont do this again.......
Guest 8 year ago
sweety 8 year ago
SERIOUSLY YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blackiechann 8 year ago
wtf 8 year ago
ashley 8 year ago
That so sweet and cuite and romitite to I love that saying I have that saying on my phone for my wallpaper
Nini 8 year ago
WOW !!!!! ....English was failed ...& The quote / poem doesn't make ANY SENSE ...Dont post again -____-
dbhx 8 year ago
This is so weird and is disgusting what wrong with you stop putting disgusting things on here and that is not cute.
nunu 8 year ago
Plz stop thinking about patlapatla(sex)
Ter 8 year ago
Go learn to spell BABY
John 8 year ago
This isn't good girls were born to be respected not to be pervertize who ever write this he or she is so worst than satan
Sarah 8 year ago
Wtf😂😂😂 omg
Jwayezee 8 year ago
It's than, not then
Guest 8 year ago
nashy95 8 year ago
O.M.G,come to Zimbabwe. I can show you where you can be learning English for free .L.m.a.o thus why ppl say think b4 you say.or dream b4 yu giv a try
hahaha 8 year ago
So lame lol hahaha thats so thursty man thing
Exman 8 year ago
I like that
Raja 8 year ago
This person is just like the south African governmen.... Cakes
Kendy 8 year ago
First your spelling is wrong.. Second how can we love him/her more than our own family you r really crazy......
Alexia 8 year ago
Lmao Yass
Guest 8 year ago
Berating someone whom you can't even see must make all of you "scholars" feel so intelligent. Responding to someone you consider
Guest 8 year ago
Everyone with something rude to say should just keep it to themselves.
scott 8 year ago
Haha this is one dumb message. I makes me think the author is some chav who sits on shops wanting to date every girl that opens her legs.
james 8 year ago
SHIT!!!Cheap mentality pervert... Spoiling the meaning of love
Aska 7 year ago
Don't really think that if you love somebody you'll text it to them, it's kind of immature... :/
Guest 7 year ago
English is not all of us are mother tongue, I'm very disappointed to see others are criticizing spelling. mxm
tellmewhy? 7 year ago
Hi stupid man ! How you can love a girl more than your family ? If you say that so can I have a question ? " where you come from ?"
Raleigh 7 year ago
The grammar does not matter to me. You still have time kid to improve your grammar. But the thing you mean with that was rude. Do not show how pervert you are in public.
steamazz 7 year ago
Nothings wrong if you can't spell part of life.just live with it,plus a society fault education too expensive.......f**k_ y'all...
Otto von Bismarck 7 year ago
Ah yes, very straightforward und efficient, just how I like it.
purna 7 year ago
Haha, I don't think it's possible
meredith hallman 7 year ago
Ok, that is not the most smooth talking way to tell someone that you love him.
Specialist 7 year ago
Damn! How old are you? You seriously need a whip,, shame to your english teacher!
Meamo 3 year ago
Nathanal 9 year ago  -1
Wow now slow down there. Think what your writing teacher would see of you.
Guest 9 year ago  -1
tom 9 year ago  -1
You cant say that unless you want to freak the crap out of your partner? Lads say whatever comes from your heart
WiseGuest 9 year ago  -1
Come on guys, you need to stop and relax there's no reason, for the immature comment's period!
nerdy 9 year ago  -1
Hmmm... This is most suitable for a wife/husband.
Elizabeth 9 year ago  -1
I can tell your a kid lol crazy bitch
jezalyn 8 year ago  -1