*Pull up to girl on street on bike and stop next to her* You:Hey baby wan ride*get off bike and unbutton pants and say You: im not talking about the bike girl(;
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posted 9 years ago by c@ndy143M


me..... 9 year ago  +5
wow this wasn't right at all you perv-.- you should never do that to girl the only ones i know would actually be okay with it are prostitutes and SOME sluts not ALL just some-.-
GuyWithTheHead 9 year ago  +3
Lol alot of mad nerds here
jaypimpaholic69 7 year ago  +3
Well.........now I'm a registered sex offender. thanks guy I can scratch that one off my list now. She maced me..I juster wanted you to know that.
awhyome 9 year ago  +2
Its so disgustin, nt not normal for real gus kkkkk?
david simpson 9 year ago  +1
that makes me embarrassed to say im a guy u should have more respect for girls than that and i bet u fill real tough mmmm you sure showed them ...NOT
chas10 9 year ago  +1
No I don't have a girlfriend, I'm a chick & I have a boyfriend.
Whinny boi 9 year ago
chas10#1bitch?! 9 year ago
Lol whatcha gonna do? Seriously what the f* are you gonna do. You don't know me DOUCHE BAG. Think twice.
Ryonw 9 year ago
What a bunch of looooosers...
Guest 9 year ago
Oh ! And it's okay chat10#bitch?! We all understand ur bitchy attitude due to ur name
kassim muwanga 9 year ago
lover boy
daniel 9 year ago
ow comeon guys if you're girlfriend is older than 12 she'll find it funny
jmy_ 9 year ago
eeew do u know that you are disgusting?
Mr Genius 9 year ago
what a loser you know what you are just stupid
boobear 9 year ago
Hahaha any guy can try that on me any day;)
Guest 8 year ago
Ewwwww dude that is f*cking grosss and rude no girl is going to go out with younif u sat sh*t like that
Amber's bf 8 year ago
What a stupid thing I'm a guy I never did that to amber montana
dalia 8 year ago
Ha ha she said yes to you ask her that
noname 8 year ago
Best way to catch one in the jaw asking me that s***
I'msodrunkjosh 9 year ago  -1
Lovelyanniee you are such a dumb **** and ***** and lowlife piece of ****, hell there is to much sh*t to list,don't forget to kill yourself
Guest 9 year ago  -1
That's ok chas10#1bitch . I bet u probably don't even have a girlfriend cuz you're *edit*! Wow like it's a joke! Come in now it's not the end if the world!
LovelyAnniee 9 year ago  -2
Um,excuse me bitch but this shit is a joke,its not meant to be taken seriously so STFU and DONT EVER say IMA F*N DOUCH BAG cuz i may not know u,but trust me when i say this DONT F*K WITH ME BITCH!