*Pull up to girl on street on bike and stop next to her* You:Hey baby wan ride*get off bike and unbutton pants and say You: im not talking about the bike girl(;
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posted 11 years ago by c@ndy143M


me..... 11 year ago  +5
wow this wasn't right at all you perv-.- you should never do that to girl the only ones i know would actually be okay with it are prostitutes and SOME sluts not ALL just some-.-
GuyWithTheHead 11 year ago  +3
Lol alot of mad nerds here
jaypimpaholic69 9 year ago  +3
Well.........now I'm a registered sex offender. thanks guy I can scratch that one off my list now. She maced me..I juster wanted you to know that.
awhyome 11 year ago  +2
Its so disgustin, nt not normal for real gus kkkkk?
david simpson 11 year ago  +1
that makes me embarrassed to say im a guy u should have more respect for girls than that and i bet u fill real tough mmmm you sure showed them ...NOT
chas10 11 year ago  +1
No I don't have a girlfriend, I'm a chick & I have a boyfriend.
Whinny boi 11 year ago
chas10#1bitch?! 11 year ago
Lol whatcha gonna do? Seriously what the f* are you gonna do. You don't know me DOUCHE BAG. Think twice.
Ryonw 11 year ago
What a bunch of looooosers...
Guest 11 year ago
Oh ! And it's okay chat10#bitch?! We all understand ur bitchy attitude due to ur name
kassim muwanga 11 year ago
lover boy
daniel 11 year ago
ow comeon guys if you're girlfriend is older than 12 she'll find it funny
jmy_ 11 year ago
eeew do u know that you are disgusting?
Mr Genius 11 year ago
what a loser you know what you are just stupid
boobear 10 year ago
Hahaha any guy can try that on me any day;)
Guest 10 year ago
Ewwwww dude that is f*cking grosss and rude no girl is going to go out with younif u sat sh*t like that
Amber's bf 10 year ago
What a stupid thing I'm a guy I never did that to amber montana
dalia 10 year ago
Ha ha she said yes to you ask her that
noname 10 year ago
Best way to catch one in the jaw asking me that s***
I'msodrunkjosh 11 year ago  -1
Lovelyanniee you are such a dumb **** and ***** and lowlife piece of ****, hell there is to much sh*t to list,don't forget to kill yourself
Guest 11 year ago  -1
That's ok chas10#1bitch . I bet u probably don't even have a girlfriend cuz you're *edit*! Wow like it's a joke! Come in now it's not the end if the world!
LovelyAnniee 11 year ago  -2
Um,excuse me bitch but this shit is a joke,its not meant to be taken seriously so STFU and DONT EVER say IMA F*N DOUCH BAG cuz i may not know u,but trust me when i say this DONT F*K WITH ME BITCH!