Boy: There's just one thing I want to change about you Girl: What's that? Boy: Your last name
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posted 11 years ago by peaceonearth27


elegant aman 10 year ago  +6
I have no gf ...but I want
Samantha 11 year ago  +3
Awww hee my bf did thie to me it put the biggest smile on my face :)
Kayla :D 11 year ago  +2
omg this is sooo sweet i would die if my bf did that to me :'))
George 11 year ago  +1
My girlfriend didn't even understand it. Oh we'll. :/
onegirlintheworld:P 11 year ago  +1
that is so cute.
Guest 10 year ago  +1
I did tat ta my bf
sarvesh4711 11 year ago
really Kayla?? :P
bosslady 11 year ago
and also change the way i think abt boys.
ali 11 year ago
Omg that is so cute!!!! <3
Niggabeat 11 year ago
Niggabeat 11 year ago
Fry 11 year ago
ratan shil 10 year ago
Hahahaha nice!
Ekeyz 10 year ago
Dis is so so inlove rite nw. tanks
Tash 10 year ago
Lol I would die if my bf tell me that
Sfyzo 10 year ago
That's so cute
ahmad 9 year ago
I"am falling down i want sone1 2pick me up grls
mary0507 9 year ago
Awwww omg I would love it if my bf would say that to me omg >"<
jyothi priya 9 year ago
Sooo sweet...
bravo 9 year ago
Guest 101 9 year ago
That's so sweet!!!
fakker 9 year ago
This is awesome
thebest 9 year ago
This is my proposal. Thank you.
Dauglas 9 year ago
what is that name?
barnabas 8 year ago s fantastic (y)
teddyboy 8 year ago
I really love this kind of words
felicity 7 year ago
What he will like to change is that last spelling of G.I.R.L. which is L=love
kelly 7 year ago
I we a girl in my life pls help me
kelly 7 year ago
I want s girl in my life
Kaitlin Zweizig 7 year ago
This made me cry my boyfriend did this to me and I cried for 3 hours then I said yes and we a planning to get married
Joji 4 year ago
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I love this 3 year ago
I love this
qwerty 11 year ago  -1
Da man 10 year ago  -1
I did that to my gf