Our relationship is like tom & jerry. We tease each other, chase each other, knock down each other, irritate each other but we cannot live without each other
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posted 9 years ago by Seidu sly stephen


Guest 9 year ago  +9
This is the best one I've heard:) love it<3
OCEAN 9 year ago  +9
i love you more than you love me
beola 9 year ago  +5
stanley emmanuel 9 year ago  +5
quite a fact. Real romance.
celeste 9 year ago  +4
This is so me and my Boyfriend
Harley 9 year ago  +4
Its cheesy and sweet!
Anna 9 year ago  +4
So me and my boyfriend
debby 9 year ago  +4
Lol so true sweet
Shahida Rahimi 9 year ago  +3
I like that you send me love poems!
ilia 9 year ago  +3
i need inspirational yarns
Khatwab hamid 9 year ago  +3
This is the best and cute i ever heard <3
Logan 7 year ago  +3
I wish I had a girl friend
dulce 7 year ago  +3
This is so sweet
jordan 7 year ago  +3
You just got me laid thank you so much
Sarah 6 year ago  +3
Beautiful Quotes
deyoung 9 year ago  +2
I love my girlfriend so much o
vwegba james 9 year ago  +2
i love my babe too..!
cupid 9 year ago  +2
Umm it completely explains our relationship...lov it<3
e love 8 year ago  +2
Love you
Tomato 9 year ago  +1
So overwheld
orkay 9 year ago  +1
like ds coz so me nd my wife
Guest 9 year ago  +1
it's so sweet, & feel like me & my girlfrnd
johnson 9 year ago  +1
9c write-up, keep-it-up.
deyoung 9 year ago  +1
I love my girlfriend so much o
CHUFORFLAVIOUS 9 year ago  +1
stanley emmanuel 9 year ago  +1
quite a fact. Real romance.
ZAiNaB 9 year ago  +1
Dis one actually....is perfect for my relationship.....
Olayinka 9 year ago  +1
As if u peep into my relationship,,soo cute
Aiswarya 9 year ago  +1
perfect jodies
kim 9 year ago  +1
debby 9 year ago  +1
LOL but so true sweet
moh'a Panda 8 year ago  +1
Nice text.... in fact I have even sent it to my sweet potato.... on-point.
daisy 7 year ago  +1
I love Samuel makhafola
kabelo 7 year ago  +1
You're my crazy entertainer
Anjali 3 year ago  +1
I do not have any love infect I hate love but I want this type of life partner just like Tom and Jerry
Guest 3 year ago  +1
Sex I love
Thula 9 year ago
This is so sweet
beola 9 year ago
download it for me
Brilliant 9 year ago
It's so sweet, it's me and the love of my life
Dev 9 year ago
I like this sms.
Abir 9 year ago
This's so me and my girlfriend
Guest 9 year ago
I like it.reality
Aiswarya 9 year ago
perfect jodies
sandy clark 9 year ago
this is from annie.to logan.c
debby 9 year ago
LOL but so true sweet
Guest 9 year ago
this z so swit
senfuma joseph 8 year ago
I love it
Guest 8 year ago
I love my best partner 4eva x
Sonal 8 year ago
Yupp.. This SMS is very sweet I like it.
Kenneth addison 8 year ago
Nice one they're the best.
Guest 8 year ago
nice one
bill 8 year ago
Me and my dog
Sadie 8 year ago
This is adorable
Leezy 8 year ago
O.M.G wow I like it
tshepi baby 8 year ago
I like this
Isaac 7 year ago
Thts a gud one
leasly 7 year ago
Best ever
David maxwell 7 year ago
It Lovely I love it, it Very good for my relationship
sidd 7 year ago
Tom and jerry both are male...... ;)
Bafedi 6 year ago
Thts so sweet... I love my husband so much
dada 6 year ago
TRUE because it is happening right now in my life
mimi 6 year ago
Just sent to my darling bf
suleman 6 year ago
I really love my baby but she always running away from my hug.
Erastus Kiptoo 5 year ago
This real and true she cried when I wanted to divorce her
Khan 677 days ago
Hi sexy plz give me whattsp number
jamsim0952@yahoo.com 675 days ago
Hello tom and jerry
tweetie warria 9 year ago  -1
i love this i even laughed when i saw it cuz its soo true
Harley 9 year ago  -1
Its cheesy and sweet!
Keri 9 year ago  -1
Waw.. That's so much me and my boyfriend :) love it!
Devin 9 year ago  -1
Am i the only guy on this trying to send a nice msg to my baby girl ???? I love her <3
Josiah 9 year ago  -1
Omawumi. 9 year ago  -1
True digest. Love t.
Reshma A. Ibrahim 9 year ago  -1
I'm so happi wt ths! I love it alot
lovedkid 9 year ago  -1
i love this messages but looking 4 someone 2 send it 2.
sushree swagatika 9 year ago  -1
i love this msg. . really vry nyc.. .
Enku 9 year ago  -1
wow is so sweet zis is my true history
Clementwise 9 year ago  -1
Nice love it
Mbali Masinga 9 year ago  -1
4u iwil
senfuma joseph 8 year ago  -1
I love it
nana 8 year ago  -1
Another one
Guest 7 year ago  -1
So nice this message, I will forward it to my Jerry...
Fried Chicken. 8 year ago  -2
Totally true, 'cause he tried to kill me with a Frying - Pan.