I wrote your name in the sky; a cloud removed that. I wrote your name in the sand; air blew that away. I wrote your name in my heart and nothing can remove it.
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posted 7 years ago by K.h.Shipu


yusuf lafazee jaji 7 year ago
Very nice massage am goying 2 use it 4 my lovely one
Chinned 6 year ago
Never see a massage like this be for!I think is fin viewers
Prinzz Prince 7 year ago  -1
Awesome,,,,Its to romantic,,,I will used That in a Text 2 my Girlfriend,,,,
byron 7 year ago  -1
Lovely I will use it on my beautiful gal
terry 7 year ago  -1
Ha wata load shit
uncorns 7 year ago  -1
Hey who has a boy friend, text me back
Jackie 6 year ago  -1
Daz soo rmntc