I'm not a doctor but I promise to ease your pain. I'm not an angel but I promise to be there for you. I'm not Jesus but I'll die for you. All because I love you.
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posted 7 years ago by Ntsako Ndlovu


esru 7 year ago
ur momma 7 year ago
Ur such a wouse grow a pair
Guest 7 year ago
This poem sucks like you really gonna die 4sum1 who will replace you 2morrow
Trouble-Maker 7 year ago
I don't care wat otrs think bout ua poem but 4 me, it was Niceee...
AAA 7 year ago
Hey who evr u r u know its gud but u should not hv added jesus bro, it wil cost u someday ...
lateef 6 year ago
Its a very 9c poem
Guest 7 year ago  -1
Man I know its just a fairy tail but I'm impressed!