I love you more than my mom!
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posted 12 years ago by Anon


Xyz 11 year ago  +9
Dislike :)
melissa 11 year ago  +4
thats stupid
deepak 11 year ago  +4
How dare you???????
jimmy 11 year ago  +3
I can only love u like my mom not more than my mom.
Capon 11 year ago  +3
U might be crazy. U will one day say my x-lover but u will not say my x-mother.
hi 12 year ago  +2
what's wrong with your mom?
chin's 11 year ago  +2
actually u dont love her.. :)
Power 11 year ago  +2
OMG... never more than my mum anyway. What i feel for u is different from the love for my mum. No competition !
Iham 10 year ago  +2
I love my mom more than life itself. But not everyone feels the same.i would say he didn't love his mom that much after all he compared her to a person he met years later
halimat 9 year ago  +2
Even dog is better than you,stupit
Turtle 12 year ago  +1
I love you more than my cat!
Decks 11 year ago  +1
He or she s afull
USUF 11 year ago  +1
wat a big fool...??
pleasure girl ria 11 year ago  +1
i love to listen to lie when i know the truth
katli 11 year ago  +1
you cannot compare your mother with your lover,if you send a girl that,i think she'd not b impressed with such a dum massage..
Nafiu 10 year ago  +1
Your mad
kathu... 10 year ago  +1
Thats stupid......OMG
Verginia 10 year ago  +1
Remove it! Really you don't have a gram of brain.
kira love yuh 10 year ago  +1
Who will love somebody who will break your heart more than mom
mighty love 10 year ago  +1
Oh...no that's totally wrong I love my mum more than anything else in the world
Guest 10 year ago  +1
mom is my world...
Mesbah Uddin 10 year ago  +1
You are a nonsence & stupid.
Oladimeji 9 year ago  +1
What a disgusting word, how can someone love his girlfriend/boyfriend more than his/her mum. What a mess
criticallove.com 8 year ago  +1
This is bull****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tiyah 11 year ago
Lol*dats so blond like really nw!
tarzan 11 year ago
What's wrong with you?
Beeboo 11 year ago
Omg that's dumb I can think of a lot of sweeter things off the top of my head!!
R.M 11 year ago
go to hell
kenneth 11 year ago
No I disagree, my mom is the best.
embassy 11 year ago
Mom u ªя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ †ђξ best
abby* 11 year ago
what?? stupid!!
Guest 11 year ago
that's so stupid, i can't even love another girl like my Mom
Comrade 11 year ago
I can give you the same love I give to my mum if you treat me the way she does
chilaka Rapheal d 11 year ago
Nope I cn't her more than my mum
mr. Orch 11 year ago
you are a fool maybe you dnt have mum thats why you will love you girl more dan your mum. I LOVE MUM no one cn take ur place
oguns 11 year ago
2of dem re so special
ur well wisher 10 year ago
Tell me the same after ur marriage with the same person
Liza 10 year ago
You are pathetic. Think about what your mom went through to have you. Creep.
Aiman 10 year ago
Ain't woman alive that can take my mama's place.
SHUBBYALIOUS 10 year ago
He or she must have a psychological problem or the illiteracy is beyond the limit.
Lindoh 10 year ago
Oh no! How dare you? Are you human? Shame man, shame!
erence 10 year ago
I love my mom like a billion in the world
Guest 10 year ago
Naz Sam 10 year ago
Hey guy you are a fool. u can never have another mom but you can have another love
Bright masambika 10 year ago
if i was to be given a chance to count my blessings, I would count my mother twice.
Guest 10 year ago
How can one love his girlfriend more than his mom, So ridiculous, I dislike this poem lol
shebby bebe 10 year ago
How dare you....????
Sadiqwalama 9 year ago
You are a big fool I swear!!!
Dhanjit 9 year ago
mom is my hrt.. you are a great fool..
Demario 9 year ago
Im in love
snow 9 year ago
Never will I love a girl more than my mom, my mom is my world
Licia 9 year ago
Ths msgs is jst fooling us no1 cn lv you more than her mom.
Olatenwaju 9 year ago
Any day I say this to this world God should punish me
on jbt 9 year ago
motin 9 year ago
Foke you
Kendy 9 year ago
You can't say that because our mom is like the most important person ever. I will only say 'I love you forever'.
nish 9 year ago
Think twice before you say that. I am not judging you but just think again
Richboy 9 year ago
Not unless your mum has grown spikes and each time you think of her...... She spike you. Never ever.
Sorano 9 year ago
No one can take my mom place doesn't matter how much I love you
Alex 9 year ago
Stupid , shame on you to add that kinda text :/ 👎
Dibash Das 9 year ago
I love my mom more than my girlfriend...
emmytex 9 year ago
oh my god thas stupid
charity 8 year ago
That's her feelings OK but as for me cannot love my lover than my mom
eric 8 year ago
Out of your mind get lost
satyam singh 8 year ago
Very disgusting thought and who the hell is my mom is my life and my girlfriend is not my life so this should go to hell
Emily 8 year ago
Wtf is wrong with you people .. He/she is just expressing her/his thoughts :3 he/she did not want your opinion :3
ten 8 year ago
Thats crazy!!!! I love my mum than anything else.
martyn javi 8 year ago
I don't blame you
carlos 8 year ago
Edet 6 year ago
Wtf is wrong with you people .. He/she is just expressing her/his thoughts :3 he/she did not want your opinion :3
Guest 11 year ago  -1
w t f!!!!!!!!!!!!
cj 11 year ago  -1
Would like to have your mum so I will show her true love.
Jaseera 10 year ago  -1
ntng is greater than our mom