I love you more than my mom!
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posted 11 years ago by Anon


Xyz 10 year ago  +9
Dislike :)
melissa 10 year ago  +4
thats stupid
deepak 10 year ago  +4
How dare you???????
jimmy 9 year ago  +3
I can only love u like my mom not more than my mom.
Capon 9 year ago  +3
U might be crazy. U will one day say my x-lover but u will not say my x-mother.
hi 11 year ago  +2
what's wrong with your mom?
chin's 9 year ago  +2
actually u dont love her.. :)
Power 9 year ago  +2
OMG... never more than my mum anyway. What i feel for u is different from the love for my mum. No competition !
Iham 9 year ago  +2
I love my mom more than life itself. But not everyone feels the same.i would say he didn't love his mom that much after all he compared her to a person he met years later
halimat 8 year ago  +2
Even dog is better than you,stupit
Turtle 10 year ago  +1
I love you more than my cat!
Decks 10 year ago  +1
He or she s afull
USUF 10 year ago  +1
wat a big fool...??
pleasure girl ria 9 year ago  +1
i love to listen to lie when i know the truth
katli 9 year ago  +1
you cannot compare your mother with your lover,if you send a girl that,i think she'd not b impressed with such a dum massage..
Nafiu 9 year ago  +1
Your mad
kathu... 9 year ago  +1
Thats stupid......OMG
Verginia 9 year ago  +1
Remove it! Really you don't have a gram of brain.
kira love yuh 9 year ago  +1
Who will love somebody who will break your heart more than mom
mighty love 9 year ago  +1
Oh...no that's totally wrong I love my mum more than anything else in the world
Guest 9 year ago  +1
mom is my world...
Mesbah Uddin 8 year ago  +1
You are a nonsence & stupid.
Oladimeji 7 year ago  +1
What a disgusting word, how can someone love his girlfriend/boyfriend more than his/her mum. What a mess
criticallove.com 6 year ago  +1
This is bull****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tiyah 10 year ago
Lol*dats so blond like really nw!
tarzan 10 year ago
What's wrong with you?
Beeboo 10 year ago
Omg that's dumb I can think of a lot of sweeter things off the top of my head!!
R.M 10 year ago
go to hell
kenneth 9 year ago
No I disagree, my mom is the best.
embassy 9 year ago
Mom u ªя̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ †ђξ best
abby* 9 year ago
what?? stupid!!
Guest 9 year ago
that's so stupid, i can't even love another girl like my Mom
Comrade 9 year ago
I can give you the same love I give to my mum if you treat me the way she does
chilaka Rapheal d 9 year ago
Nope I cn't her more than my mum
mr. Orch 9 year ago
you are a fool maybe you dnt have mum thats why you will love you girl more dan your mum. I LOVE MUM no one cn take ur place
oguns 9 year ago
2of dem re so special
ur well wisher 9 year ago
Tell me the same after ur marriage with the same person
Liza 9 year ago
You are pathetic. Think about what your mom went through to have you. Creep.
Aiman 9 year ago
Ain't woman alive that can take my mama's place.
He or she must have a psychological problem or the illiteracy is beyond the limit.
Lindoh 9 year ago
Oh no! How dare you? Are you human? Shame man, shame!
erence 9 year ago
I love my mom like a billion in the world
Guest 9 year ago
Naz Sam 9 year ago
Hey guy you are a fool. u can never have another mom but you can have another love
Bright masambika 9 year ago
if i was to be given a chance to count my blessings, I would count my mother twice.
Guest 9 year ago
How can one love his girlfriend more than his mom, So ridiculous, I dislike this poem lol
shebby bebe 9 year ago
How dare you....????
Sadiqwalama 8 year ago
You are a big fool I swear!!!
Dhanjit 8 year ago
mom is my hrt.. you are a great fool..
Demario 8 year ago
Im in love
snow 8 year ago
Never will I love a girl more than my mom, my mom is my world
Licia 8 year ago
Ths msgs is jst fooling us no1 cn lv you more than her mom.
Olatenwaju 8 year ago
Any day I say this to this world God should punish me
on jbt 8 year ago
motin 8 year ago
Foke you
Kendy 8 year ago
You can't say that because our mom is like the most important person ever. I will only say 'I love you forever'.
nish 7 year ago
Think twice before you say that. I am not judging you but just think again
Richboy 7 year ago
Not unless your mum has grown spikes and each time you think of her...... She spike you. Never ever.
Sorano 7 year ago
No one can take my mom place doesn't matter how much I love you
Alex 7 year ago
Stupid , shame on you to add that kinda text :/ 👎
Dibash Das 7 year ago
I love my mom more than my girlfriend...
emmytex 7 year ago
oh my god thas stupid
charity 7 year ago
That's her feelings OK but as for me cannot love my lover than my mom
eric 7 year ago
Out of your mind get lost
satyam singh 7 year ago
Very disgusting thought and who the hell is my mom is my life and my girlfriend is not my life so this should go to hell
Emily 7 year ago
Wtf is wrong with you people .. He/she is just expressing her/his thoughts :3 he/she did not want your opinion :3
ten 7 year ago
Thats crazy!!!! I love my mum than anything else.
martyn javi 7 year ago
I don't blame you
carlos 7 year ago
Edet 5 year ago
Wtf is wrong with you people .. He/she is just expressing her/his thoughts :3 he/she did not want your opinion :3
Guest 10 year ago  -1
w t f!!!!!!!!!!!!
cj 9 year ago  -1
Would like to have your mum so I will show her true love.
Jaseera 9 year ago  -1
ntng is greater than our mom