My lips want to kiss you, my eyes want to see you, my hands want to touch you... every part of me wants you, maybe because I was made just for you!
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posted 8 years ago by true love


franco 8 year ago  +11
True love is like a pillow You can hug it when you're in trouble You can cry on it when you're in pain You can embrace it when you're happy So when you need true love Buy a pillow
Guest 8 year ago  +5
love z a mutual flng dt brngz joy,hpnises in 1nc'z tokn abt de lv dt z pure,uncondtional lv dt kpz no recordz o4 de rongz i'v done,lv z peace 2 lv z to experience de most wandafl filng
west 8 year ago  +3
Love text
adh 8 year ago  +3
You to
busisiwe nxezi 8 year ago  +3
Love doesn't ask why? That's why I gave you my heart. It's cause I love you and I want to spent my whole life with you.
khazimla 4 year ago  +3
As Jesus said Let's love one another and love someone more than you love yourself so love show how care we are
ella 569 days ago  +2
I'm very happy to be inlove with demo
cynthia 8 year ago  +1
kahlifa Lighter 2 year ago  +1
Nice post
Kaci 8 year ago
Love it BC that how my boyfriend is he loves me and miss me
khazimla 4 year ago
Wow I feel so confident in love
Fredrick ochieng 4 year ago
emmanuel 458 days ago
I love it
Guest 434 days ago
I luv u wth all my hrt
Guest 305 days ago
But how will know the right person
Guest 305 days ago
But how will know the right person
sheital mamoria 6 year ago  -1
I liked it...
kendra kent 5 year ago  -1
We ar blinded by love but our eyes are opened by marriage
Damaza Chris 4 year ago  -1
I love this, it is very nice
Luwi 3 year ago  -1
Ilove it so much
Godwin Ekong Charles 2 year ago  -1
Hw Can You Know Your True Love
Bridget 2 year ago  -1
Falling inlove with the right person is the best
Ben 4 year ago  -2
Oh God please fill up my A hole with your everlasting love. I can take a lot of your love as well. Get right in there deep.
seena 7 year ago  -3
I like this message
Gill 5 year ago  -3
Good message