If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.
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posted 10 years ago by pinkii


Guest 10 year ago  +4
I liked this, but I changed it a little bit: I wish you had the ability to see yourself through my eyes... maybe then you would realize how very special you are to me...
Matilda latilda 10 year ago  +1
The best Eva
zandie 10 year ago  +1
Wow da best eva
Daniel 7 year ago  +1
Hi love
olatunji aderonke 10 year ago
I lov this...........
okonkwo victor 10 year ago
it is incredible
michel 9 year ago
i like this
Siphamandla 9 year ago
I love her
surbhi 9 year ago
Yup Dan you will know how much you R important for me... :)
ken 9 year ago
Fantastic and lovely....nice 1 keep it up
maxwell 5 year ago
Guest 3 year ago
Very cute
Dr Hippo 10 year ago  -1
I love this
steve 10 year ago  -1
I love u
Keenjay 9 year ago  -1
S nice bt little erro
newlands nutsugah 9 year ago  -1
Fatime Osmo Doumbia 7 year ago  -1
It Is Me Idrissa
Sweetest Teddy 6 year ago  -1
I love this