Babe, sorry I didn't give you anything for valentine, I prefer my money remains mine.
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posted 11 years ago by rocket


fabian 11 year ago  +2
Yea coos u no deserve my money
legend 11 year ago  +2
girls just need yo caring n love 4 em not cash
nuha 11 year ago  +2
Money is nothing if she gets love from u
Lila 11 year ago  +1
You don't need to spend money on people you can find other creative ways but you don't have to be an ass about it.
madi 11 year ago  +1
trouble-solver 11 year ago  +1
all the things u need to say that "i love you ". thats all. money is never the most important part. u should know this
shaday slim 10 year ago  +1
the only gift a girl wants is love
Guest 10 year ago  +1
Spent on ur bf x
Buba 10 year ago  +1
I am very interested in it, I like it.
shelley-anne 11 year ago
damn wat an asshole u ar love isnt abwt money or gifts love is mor expensiv den muny atleast u culd cal nd say I LOVE YOU
Kaci t 11 year ago
The only gift a girl was is to hear is that you love her and a girl don't want money she just was your loving
sanaz 11 year ago
I love you
robz meek 11 year ago
Wow... Tell'em!
mospee!!!... 11 year ago
jea dis s simply varifyng dat love's blynd 'n lovers dnt c
mr gibson 10 year ago
Thanks for being honest! Y didn't she called you,aren't they saying that its 50/50? Yeah,we meet halfway!
kipkok kimeli mathew 10 year ago
love is te most important think in life cauz money is like a flower cauz it withers after some time remains 4 eva!
sunny dee xx 10 year ago
i have never heard anything like this in my life...your sick!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter aka nagger 10 year ago
This is so great! I have used this and that night we had sex!!! ITS A GREAT TEKST!!!
pilipili 10 year ago
bwahahaha Love dis
Captin Under Pants 10 year ago
F**k That Imma Spend On My Girl
lvebunny 10 year ago
lvebunny 10 year ago
jessicabennett2213 10 year ago
a only gift a boy was is to hear you love her and never forget her
gozie 10 year ago
Yup,kinda mean,but most gals in dis part of d world,without money your love is trash.that's it for u,mean though
racyboy24 10 year ago
I need a beautiful girl that I will care for
King 10 year ago
What I love the most... Money=75% girlfriend=25%, so why give her my love.
Abongile 10 year ago
Mh its nice but Iyaphoxa
Guest 10 year ago
Spent on ur bf x
Guest 10 year ago
I love you x
rohit banga 10 year ago
Nice lines
tundefola#42 9 year ago
Some people dont deserve spending money on them
Jwayezee 9 year ago
Love can't be bought
Guest 8 year ago
You are not a true lover !!
s-lucky-j 8 year ago
You are not a true lover !!
John 3 year ago
You are not a true love !!
John 3 year ago
You are not a true love !!
madi 11 year ago  -1
Lol I love this text but you couldn't spend money on someone that so much
Trouble-Maker 11 year ago  -1
Ouch! Ds text is kinda 'Mean'...