So there's this girl. She's beautiful, funny, has a great personality and guess what? She's reading this right now.
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posted 8 years ago by <3


irishchic 8 year ago  +7
if a guy said that to me i would die of happiness!! woww that sounded cheesy... oh well!!!
Carlos 8 year ago  +3
I send it to my mom :D
Ana 8 year ago  +2
If a guy would ever tel me dis i wud be speechless. wow gr8t word choice
Bobby knight 7 year ago  +2
I send that to my old lady and she sent me a naked picture <3
Guest 7 year ago  +2
If my bf sent me that I would die from shock!!!!
skittles 7 year ago  +2
I love this thank actually made my day I needed this so thank you xxx
kehulubelay.gelan 6 year ago  +2
it is best
beau1-1-2015 6 year ago  +2
Love it
Sara 8 year ago  +1
So sweet !
Dionysius 8 year ago  +1
I sent it to my girlfriend and she bought me a love card! Nice!
beauty 8 year ago  +1
wow wht a lovely txt i lyk it
Guest 8 year ago  +1
i love it cool
helen 8 year ago  +1
i cnt accept it
Kayla 8 year ago  +1
My boyfriend sent me this..
Trouble-Maker 8 year ago  +1
Such a Heart-Touching SMS!!! I'm 100% sure dat if any guy says ds 2 a gal, she'll b surely impressed!
Cuteangel 5 year ago  +1
How I wish I had a bu that would send this to me.
Ilovetextingyou 8 year ago
If a guy said that to me, I would blush forever:) Lol
michael 8 year ago
this msg is really heart toughing.... i love it...
qwerty 8 year ago
wow!!! soooo cute!!
chu 8 year ago
So nice
George 8 year ago
Simple but touching
Can sømebody tel me that 8 year ago
I would die smiling
breezy slimm 8 year ago
°̩ love it..
Kelvin fidelis 8 year ago
MACAULAY 8 year ago
BABA 7 year ago
She is soooo cute 7 year ago
What a wonderful face!
Risingstar 7 year ago
A guy said this to me the other day. Now I know where he got it from<3
pin 2653D954 7 year ago
Ho my God how I wich I have a gf that can say this to me I will for evar and evar be her bu
Luvbug 6 year ago
Got lots of xxx
Mukisa izaac magufuli 5 year ago
I like it more I sent it to my fiancee
Romeo 2 year ago
I will love to find a good woman I will be sending this wonderful letters to
Steven 8 year ago  -1
I sent it to my girlfriend. She loved it!
Billyballs 7 year ago  -1
hassanvandy 7 year ago  -1
I sent it to my girl and she said it was nice.