If you think that someday I'll love another girl and you'll just be an *ex gf* of course I will! In 10 years I'll love her as much as you and she'll call you mommy <3
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posted 10 years ago by Anonymous


Zenande Moore 10 year ago  +4
Wow dis is da most sweetest thing av ever heard...dat girl needs to thank God for a guy like u.
onyeka 10 year ago  +4
I Love dis
Amanda 10 year ago  +3
The idea of this is sweet, but you told her she's going to be an ex-girlfriend. Essentially, you told her you're going to make her a single parent.
Kayla :D 10 year ago  +2
imma go w/ amanda she wont wanna be a single mom thts jus out there ya know?
A Pimp Named Slick 10 year ago  +2
He's Saying EX GF Because She'll Be His WIFE ..
Jermaine 10 year ago  +1
I like this one but will just switch it up where it says ex girlfriend I'll just leave that part out... But I like it...
Mbekhiet 10 year ago  +1
AWESOMEEE very sweet man
AY-destiny 10 year ago  +1
cute, but it mean u wil ave anoder grl after pregnate her
timothy nwabueze 10 year ago
wow this one is great
vic-king 10 year ago
guy!...dat was cool.
Paul 10 year ago
Its rearly a cute one its the best so far. Thanks man
sasha 10 year ago
this is so sweet, love it
Guest 10 year ago
i love this message
tttttt 10 year ago
mohammed 10 year ago
Wooooow I love it like I love my GF I already send to her when I read this sweet
Bashir Khalid MB 10 year ago
Hmmm lovely nd I have sent it to my only love
alaska 10 year ago
This is cute..I lov di msj
Bolakalecdollar 10 year ago
Hmmmm, nice 1
yoryor 10 year ago
Hmmmmmm nice msg. I guess m grl is gonna like ds
Boyo 10 year ago
Yeah but she not a ex then is she ? Still go out with her
Priella 10 year ago
Really cool of ya
samdet 10 year ago
d texts msg looks great
handxome 10 year ago
lolx. . . . . . . .d perxon wu formed it ix tryin waohhhhhh #kixxex#
mya 10 year ago
This is so sweet. I love it. If my boyfriend said to me I would cry(': so so cute.
JustAnotherGirl 10 year ago
Im goin with Amanda too!
JustAnotherGirl 10 year ago
Im goin with Amanda too!
JJD 10 year ago
my girlfriend freaked because i sent it bit by bit :L then was like i love you haha
Nathan 10 year ago
If he would call her an *ex gf* then that's abit weird as it says the other girl is his daughter
candy 9 year ago
<3 it
candy 9 year ago
<3 it
candy 9 year ago
<3 it
Diego 9 year ago
It means they will get married and she'll be a wife and ex girl friend
SANDILE 8 year ago
LOL thats the good one she will love it
ESNIPER 8 year ago
I love it, this text is one in a million
Nainakhanmini 7 year ago
Hmm nice, it's my feelings
keegan kabosha 6 year ago
Itx awesome I like it! Wow
Amir 6 year ago
EL 4 year ago
His ex girlfriend because she's now his WIFE and no longer just a girlfriend...
mozey 10 year ago  -1
r u down on earth wiz love or??great man
Nana yaw 10 year ago  -1
Love this message
Kingzy 10 year ago  -1
Xo xo romantic i lov dis o
kennie 9 year ago  -1
I love dis frm d bottom of my heart, ‎​A̶̲̥̅♏ really blushing... Job welldone