Two bodies one feeling, two minds one thought, two lips one kiss, two hearts one love.
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posted 11 years ago by naam


Kidrockartist@mail 6 year ago  +10
My real man who l believe in and always appreciate with all of my heart and soul mind and body with every fiber of my being I love you
Santanu 6 year ago  +3
Maleeq Alfa 6 year ago  +2
Guest 6 year ago  +2
Love forever 5 year ago  +2
Plz comment back to me if you have a huge crush on ivan martinez loke me and think he sexy enough for you.
miracle 4 year ago  +2
It is so wonderfull loving you
Anderson 5 year ago  +1
I love it,it very nice 4 year ago  +1
While we are still talking about love, here are 8 kinds of love messages that your better half will just not be able to ignore.
Walter 2 year ago  +1
So sweet
Peace bria mill ukpabi 6 year ago
Good and so sweet
Maleeq Alfa 6 year ago
chinna 6 year ago
Guest 5 year ago
i need you back
Love forever 5 year ago
My cruch is ivan martinez . who also has a crush on ivan martinez. I wish I was his girlfriend. Ivan is just so sexy to me . 4 year ago
I got you now
Amar 3 year ago
Hi hi hi hi hi
mwangala 3 year ago
My love I love too
lovelinda 3 year ago
Add me on hangout now
Vinod 2 year ago
Hot girl
Guest 6 year ago  -1
Love this! perfect
Santanu 6 year ago  -1
Khushi 4 year ago  -1
Hii ap made dost bans chaty ho
rose mahendra 7 year ago  -2
I love you you love me
Guest 7 year ago  -2
my love i love you
ryderz 6 year ago  -2
You are alwayz on my mind
Nabila 6 year ago  -2
Good day