God must be missing an angel, are your dad from space?
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posted 9 years ago by myna


Asif 9 year ago  +1
God must be missing an angel, this is good
jmy_ 9 year ago  +1
is your dad from space? I dont get it :/
Cathy 9 year ago  +1
Are those space pants you're wearing......Cause your ass is outta this world! Hahahaha.........
Dr Hippo 9 year ago
"Are your dad from space" doesn't make any sense to me.
muhammed 9 year ago
this is a very good website and i love it u know i came to this site because my girl friend i say this i dont love
lol 9 year ago
Temo 9 year ago
Need 2 understand good grammar: "Is your dad from space"
Abdullai boma 9 year ago
His dad walks in gravity hahahah
yumetzyf 9 year ago
lol.... No, from underworld... Hehehe
jess^_^ 9 year ago
its abt a girl who's fathr is no more n dat is y its is told dat she might be missd by her dad frm abve as she was d angel for him...(her dad)
Kisitu KD Ayub 9 year ago
OMG, it nice
taylor8wift 9 year ago
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah for me i dont uderstant it talaga
bruii 8 year ago
didn't know there was more than 1 God. learn how to spell
natasha 8 year ago
Some people do believe there is more than one god I do just because you don't believe that don't mean its wrong tho respect others beliefs and don't assume they made a spelling mistake.
gifty 6 year ago
What is the meaning of your dad is from space