I love my eyes when you look into them. I love my name when you say it. I love my heart when you touch it. I love my life when you are in it.
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posted 8 years ago by Nissa


Fagasa Ana Maria Lui 7 year ago  +4
Hello everyone, feel free to add / subscribe to my page under the name above and make friends.. and thanks for sharing this, i just shared it on my FB page ;)
Peter 6 year ago  +4
I love it ***
chinese ndiouck 6 year ago  +4
Wow, that's nice. I'm going to use this on my boyfriend!
Love girls 7 year ago  +3
It's very nice message, love it :)!!
Guest 7 year ago  +3
I like it :)
Ana 8 year ago  +2
Aww dats so touching
Bolu 7 year ago  +2
This is quite touching, I'm gana use it.
Guest 7 year ago  +1
This is so lovely, I don't like it but I so much love it. It's nice!
Martaba 7 year ago  +1
Humm. Good msg
maha 7 year ago  +1
So nice
Kidrockartist@mail 4 year ago  +1
I love you and miss you too the moon and back a trillion times over Bobby aka Kid Rock my Rock
ar Sunil 3 year ago  +1
yes.. I agreeee...
shabu butt 8 year ago
nice one
Guest 7 year ago
ahahahaha imma use this
habtamu 7 year ago
just like me!
millie 7 year ago
i love this im gonna use it
Ephantushilpaz 7 year ago
There goes my darling #Margaret
SAMIM 7 year ago
Thanks from all of you
Alyyy 7 year ago
I liked this msg :)
i miss alapomaji so much i dnt am nt lov a guy lik adigun
Brahan 7 year ago
B4 I sent t 2 ma Boo, t had pain a smyl on face en I new f I send t 2 her she wud pop a brytest smyl eva. Peace en roja dat.
Maris 7 year ago
Shenu 7 year ago
woahhh.......... i really love my eyes :)
Amit ingle 7 year ago
i like this massage
benson 7 year ago
I love this just as I love my queen! Miss u so much
Engr J 7 year ago
Lovelyn text like it
sourabh sehgal 6 year ago
Nice! yr
Guest 6 year ago
nzubechukwu 6 year ago
I love that text.
yusboy 6 year ago
Lovely text.
IZUDONE 6 year ago
Guest 6 year ago
Wow!!!!!this is awesome ¶love it¶¶<<<<\\\\
obama 6 year ago
Crap crap
Tash 6 year ago
So sweet
ahmad hamida 6 year ago
When you are in it ...
Guest 6 year ago
I don't like this
Kim 6 year ago
I got to tell my bf this
Kim 6 year ago
I got to tell my bf this
ghayas 5 year ago
Very nice words.. tq
Asofia 5 year ago
I have liked you
liyaqat ali khan 5 year ago
I send to my girl friend .. She is very happy.. le
onakoya adebisi john 5 year ago
I wish I have someone I can use this for so touching
ansumanSINGH 4 year ago
I love you
lovelyn 4 year ago
I like it :-)
Darlene Johnson 4 year ago
Where do you buy or get these eye drops...(love my eyes)
Kidrockartist@mail 4 year ago
I love you and miss you too the moon and back a trillion times over Bobby aka Kid Rock my Rock
Maryann 3 year ago
I Love You
Addy 2 year ago
Nycc lovely
ephantusign 2 year ago
Hot ass vibe text to bae
ru-chan 467 days ago
ru-chan 371 days ago
Aaron 279 days ago
Good message please
ben 263 days ago
ayodele 8 year ago  -1
Tunu rasheed 7 year ago  -1
what a nice message . Yaar i love ma mind when am thinking about ur really love am crazy over u
Zohra 7 year ago  -1
i love this and i used it ,thnx very much 4 this xx
Guest 7 year ago  -1
ooh! Rily xo amazing romance sms
monica 7 year ago  -1
wow!!how sweet..
tobunlola 7 year ago  -1
I love this
mobeal 7 year ago  -1
This text is really nice and heart touching also.I love this.
Guest 6 year ago  -1
I love tat message baby x
yusboy 6 year ago  -1
Sweet en wonderful text.
eram 6 year ago  -1
Very nice msg
Davie jingo 6 year ago  -1
I like it
sayed ahmad 3 year ago  -1
jdog 7 year ago  -2
i used it she loved it
Tola 7 year ago  -2
I love this
Joe 7 year ago  -2
It makes one fel lyk he/she owns the universe
princess 6 year ago  -2
It's romantic
hemant 7 year ago  -3
i love you