boy: my phone isn't working. girl: why? boy: I don't have naked pictures of you on it :D
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posted 11 years ago by segfhgfddsv


Varaldsoy 11 year ago  +10
I Agree with sarah, this is terrible.
sarah 11 year ago  +6
this is just degrading for everyone involved, please don't send this unless you want a slap
clients 11 year ago  +4
yes the worst i have ever heard and am male lol
Don'tmatter 11 year ago  +4
What the heck?! If I got this from my boyfriend I would find the police or something. My god. This is the kind of thing that gave us the idea for a mental institute.
Zenande moore 11 year ago  +3
O.m.g honestly if i was dat gal i wud send u packing papa, who daz dat? I feel sorry for dat gal who's not loved bt seen as a sex object.
Ann 11 year ago  +3
I agree with Sarah if my boyfriend would ever text Muse day swear bitch would had been bitch slap ugh u sleep ain't no boys fanna text that cub I ain't look like no pornogragher to them.
Skittles Lover 11 year ago  +2
Wow just wow!!
melissa 11 year ago  +2
chill out yall damn it aint the end of the world -_- smh
Jews 11 year ago  +2
The fact if life is well guys do this and a lot of guys base a realationship off of those things(I would know) it's sick but sadly it works on some girls.. Mine threaten me into sending one
Karrie 11 year ago  +2
Oh and honesty? A girl who will send you a naked picture isn't honest. She's just a whore.
discussed person 11 year ago  +1
thats just nasty you idiotic jerk
Shay 11 year ago  +1
I like it its funny I Wyd send hem a naked pic kuzz of dis txt lol ((;
prince henry 11 year ago  +1
This is very awful, does relationship demands that u have to see a girls nakedness. Come on guys think twice
young_213 11 year ago  +1
ppl are stupid, and don't have sense of humor... i have said that before just to break the ice its funny, different ...who the f wants original want perfect. I want honesty...
afroz brar 11 year ago  +1
Dude I'm serious for my girl but I also wana see her body plz help I love her a lot
shane 10 year ago  +1
Wtf dude thats so bad y whold you send theat
Auth 11 year ago
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Guest 11 year ago
Hailey 11 year ago
god this guy is messed up!if i ever got a txt like this from my man, i would slap him in his face!!
The Crazy Asshole 11 year ago
Horny guy
Guest 11 year ago
literally me
Shenu 11 year ago
oopz nice
John 11 year ago
If u dnt knw let me tell u guys. I am a counsellor. This message would only work on a girl that u always have sex with or a girl who is a sex robot. If u dnt take care, it would pice ur galfd away.
abhi 11 year ago
go to hell man..
normal 11 year ago
If you can't find the humor in this then it's time to call it quits.
Dreemz 11 year ago
Its cool and I like it .. I do send to my Gf and she also do send to me , coz we hardly see each other often
Lol 11 year ago
Have some respect!!
Guest 10 year ago
u ever say that to a girl u better sleep with one eye open forever
Kaci 10 year ago
I agree with everyone on here and I would slap the crap out of guy ..... If he sent me that I would put his ass in jail
melissa 10 year ago
so yall kept going? -_-
Mystery 10 year ago
Wtf?! Lame shit!
JOHNY 10 year ago
Johnson 10 year ago
what a trash... what the f*k are you posting guys?
Gekai 10 year ago
Omg! -.-
Justin 10 year ago
This is one of those poems that's meant to be laughed at, not to be taken literal, calm down.
seriff 10 year ago
It is not a big deal to see your girlfriend naked..
Lina 10 year ago
preet 10 year ago
Its gud for my love
jessy 9 year ago
That boy deserves God's mercy no one should abuse or discriminate that boy we should just come close to him and teach him that its wise to talk sense in public
art 9 year ago
Got opinions but It can work some times.
talia 9 year ago
Respond to mine. Nats or italian its the same me
kidd 8 year ago
Gunjan sharabi 8 year ago
Wow I love this
sahil 11 year ago  -1
nice poems
Don 11 year ago  -1
Chu.. SALA
idris 11 year ago  -1
yeah i agree wt dat cos naked pic wen u veiw it its stimulate u nd rememba d past. Yea tak it
Karrie 11 year ago  -1
You're an ass .
Geeekz 10 year ago  -1
OMGzz to this one.. I'm a boy my self but hell no i woud have said that to my girlfriend.. she is my ALT what ever happend to her i will try protect her :$