I write your name in the sky but clouds cover it up. I write your name in the sand but the current washes it away. I write your name in my heart and there it shall stay
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posted 4 years ago by Wing


chalwe kabaghe 4 year ago  +1
pro good
anas khan 4 year ago  +1
Outstanding!!! I want to say for my lovely lover that's name NEHA I will loving her till the end of my life
Dhi-Yannix 4 year ago
Super cute
anas khan 4 year ago
Wing 4 year ago
Thank you guys for your comments
ciel phantomhive 4 year ago
Sweat .... good morning guys
Shaliya 4 year ago
Nice I dedicated it to my dear friends
Kunal sharma 3 year ago
Happy birthday shiv 2 year ago
You nice boy
Happy Birthday 25 days ago
Happy Birthday to Rishav
drema 4 year ago  -1
I want to tell her I deeply love her with all my heart mind and soul