I'm not a gambler but I've just allowed my heart and my mind to bet that I will never stop loving you...
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posted 5 years ago by smg


Natty nice 5 year ago  +1
...................... Mute
Harold 3 year ago  +1
I really like this message
msandi 5 year ago
It's just cool
jay 5 year ago
That's so strong loving thing to do
provie atuhaire 5 year ago
so nice
Bongxie 3 year ago
I would like to add something I bet because my love for you is not built by hands and thoughts,but is only built by my heart to loves you that's why I bet because I won't stop loving you
SMG 3 year ago
Just send it to your partner Harold,they might as well like it
Virginboy 177 days ago
Very thrilling and flouding. Lovely and enjoyable
Calvin j calton 127 days ago
So nice
Daniel 44 days ago