One of the best feelings in the world is when you hug the person you love, and they hug you tighter <3
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posted 6 years ago by 04.14.12


Glory 6 year ago  +2
Alanta 6 year ago  +2
I lyk text.
Umareasylife 5 year ago  +1
9s txt
anais 5 year ago  +1
thats cute and it is the best feeling ❤
Mwewa mulemba 5 year ago  +1
Dats 4 ril!
mexican chica 5 year ago  +1
it's so cute and true:)
Rachel 5 year ago  +1
I love you in my heart you are nice to me baby
ishak gambo 6 year ago
nyc txt
Akorede emmanuel 6 year ago
The text is real
Abdulbasid musa 6 year ago
Nyc nd interesting txt
Afinnet 6 year ago
Honestly speaking
nellyjade clarkson 6 year ago
thats tru
Michael orji 5 year ago
He realy talk sence
Ammed sidiki 5 year ago
love and care
garima 5 year ago
Really its true.
jyoti 5 year ago
nyc txt
BaByGirl 5 year ago
ive had that happen to me before it actualy was the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD
Amanda 5 year ago
On pOiNt dEAr!
tebogo 5 year ago
Dats true
alvin alex 5 year ago
yeah that's true
Lol 5 year ago
That's happened to me and I was so :D
Drake 5 year ago
I love you
Rain sky 5 year ago
Ive seen those exact words some where before...
babynotbabe 5 year ago
I want a hug :(
bb 5 year ago
Dats cute.
Leo 5 year ago
Savi 5 year ago
It is d bst feeling wen ur loved one hugs u tightly...
Guest 5 year ago
Da true baby x
Guest 4 year ago
I wanna hug uu partner x
neha 4 year ago
stephanie 4 year ago
Randy I want to hold u tigh. Let make love
aleena 4 year ago
Its true.. <3
lalaine 4 year ago
Hmmm I feel that's feels so fantastic miss you baby...
ken 2 year ago
That really happened me tonight
Tinex 647 days ago
Sweet love never end
ishak gambo 6 year ago  -1
nyc txt
TheColorCute 6 year ago  -1
So true!
umar 5 year ago  -1
Nice comment
oriyomi 5 year ago  -1
i believe u.
OhSoLyssa 5 year ago  -1
100% the truth.. ;))))))))))
olive 5 year ago  -1
Flawless 5 year ago  -1
That's the most boring wack text iv ever red...I swear to God if you were my girlfiend and post that shit on my wall on facebook... I would also dump you on your wall nx!
Guest 635 days ago  -1
its true