Comment on this anyone in a long distance relationship and I will post some power messages to keep the connection going
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posted 4 years ago by LoverBoy💘


slindo 715 days ago  +1
I love her so much, she's away but she will always be in my heart. She's the only one I think about.. I know this long distance makes our love much stronger than before
Julie 4 year ago
I'm in a long distance relationship and I love him, but it's hard. I want to make sure he knows I love him and that nothing can break us apart...
Ashleigh 4 year ago
I'm in a long distance relationship And I want him to know nothing will stop us being together
Lizzeth 4 year ago
I want to continue let my sweetheart know that we will be strong. Distance can't separate us
LoverBoy💘 4 year ago
Dont worry guys the distance will only make the relationship stronger. Keep ur trust strong too, you have to.
abhishek 4 year ago
what is it.
Charls goodluck 4 year ago
I love her buh she jus far away from me... I trust her she trusts me so distance doesn't matter!
gidion 297 days ago
We ones met in year and half and someone took her virginity away while we where in relationship