BF: You know where I want to kiss you? GF:Lips? BF:No. GF:cheek? BF:No. GF:Neck? BF: Nope. GF:Then where? BF:In church in front of our families when we both say I do.
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posted 4 years ago by AlaysaMarie


Alex Frost 4 year ago  +7
I wish the one boy I love will love me back I look at these stupid texts and think they will make me happy but no I cry and cry and I wont stop crying until he loves me.!!!
J 4 year ago  +7
I'm using this line to set up my proposal.
fagbag 4 year ago  +2
Lol at you queers
max t gorobwi 4 year ago  +2
tha txt is so gonna tel ma woman tht!!
Retsi55 4 year ago  +1
Ncooooh!!dats so swit
charmiliah 3 year ago  +1 I wish my bf would sah sooo yoh...its lekker!!!
Davidblack 3 year ago  +1
I wish i a girl whos ready to take me for whm i am
S'nozintle 3 year ago  +1
Wooow!!! Some people ar jc .....amazinG ...this is cute ...I so wish my boyfriend was the one who saw this before I did so...he would say it to!!
WHENG JAYME UMEREZ 3 year ago  +1
Amazing words... Perfect!
Sam 181 days ago  +1
I said it to my girl... She broke up with me😂
taetae 4 year ago
M'khululi 4 year ago
Ama send this to my Girlfriend
joel 4 year ago
Like! It's perfect.
Andrew Joseph Pedro 4 year ago
waooo such a wonderful text.
mexican chica 4 year ago
OMG!!!!!! that is sooooo cute I wish my boyfriend would say that to me:)
Guest 4 year ago
Awwwww tat is so lovly nd cute message x
jade 4 year ago
That's the sweetest thing I've ever read.
Neverstoploving 3 year ago
Wow beautiful, I am young but I know what love is and I have the little school crush going on and if only he would love me, I think he does but love Is love right? But I love this... Best quote ever!
Momoh sheriff 3 year ago
Looking for someone who will love me.
EL Mesh 3 year ago
Wish I had a girl to say this to. I like this.
LESLIE 3 year ago
I feel like saying this to someone as soon as possible.
J Bhoy 3 year ago
Well going to get a sookie after I send that to my girl haha
rugangale 3 year ago
wooh! i told my girlfriend n she was very happy
Tash 3 year ago
Awwww so cute I wish my bf wud seh dat to mi............. It's perfect
thando ka njabulo 3 year ago
wow...soo wondrful
zerine 3 year ago
wow so cute... i wish this has taken birth only for me!
Grayscalet 3 year ago
So sweet So perfect and lovely
Onome 3 year ago
OMG! I can't reallly wait for it.....
Enhle 3 year ago
OMG this is so sweet
Ndivhuwo 3 year ago
I wish my gf she can say this to me
Guest 3 year ago
Wow guys some ppl really have nice things 2 cay,wow this Is wat I cal perfectness you rock!,
austin 3 year ago
This is perfect. I love this, it is so sweet and adorable. im going to use this. its just to perfect.
barbie 3 year ago
Awwwwwww really like it
S'nozintle 3 year ago
Wooow!!! Some people ar jc .....amazinG ...this is cute ...I so wish my boyfriend was the one who saw this before I did so...he would say it to!!
tendie 2 year ago
Wow thats sweet
tashs 2 year ago
wooo that's the most awesome text I have ever read
fatuhullaiabdullai 2 year ago
Police in their way coming to arrest you because you stole my heart and soul
fatuhullaiabdullai 2 year ago
There is not vacuum in my for anyone else except you..your love is full in my are driving me crazy now..I love you more then yesterday..
richy 2 year ago
So sweet and lovely
pao 2 year ago
Omg I wish my BF can do that in the future...right now we're 12. LOL :)
joe cassperous banda 2 year ago
Wow what a text
macdonald 2 year ago
That's so cute, going to tell my gal this. I really love it!
mc bReEzY 2 year ago
Ummmm dope hey....cute and sweet
Murphrey 2 year ago
Ooooh woow nice words..
USAUSAUSA 642 days ago
If is correct, then the best text message in the world (this one) comes from US soil. USA, USA! LOL
Chixono Anthony skyooo(CAS)411 300 days ago
I said it to my girl guess what@ she called me copy copy"I read it before you'but you reminded me of a late night movie,turned off the light and we played on . Fivestars nice quote
fortune 271 days ago
Love lives
Rapula 255 days ago
wow lol perfect
Soleil 70 days ago
unity 3 year ago  -1
Nyc words I wish I had a girl
kanye 3 year ago  -1
Jst cute, so romentic
Tisha 3 year ago  -1
That's a sweet text hey