BF: You know where I want to kiss you? GF:Lips? BF:No. GF:cheek? BF:No. GF:Neck? BF: Nope. GF:Then where? BF:In church in front of our families when we both say I do.
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posted 6 years ago by AlaysaMarie


Alex Frost 5 year ago  +7
I wish the one boy I love will love me back I look at these stupid texts and think they will make me happy but no I cry and cry and I wont stop crying until he loves me.!!!
J 5 year ago  +7
I'm using this line to set up my proposal.
max t gorobwi 5 year ago  +2
tha txt is so gonna tel ma woman tht!!
Davidblack 5 year ago  +2
I wish i a girl whos ready to take me for whm i am
fagbag 5 year ago  +1
Lol at you queers
Retsi55 5 year ago  +1
Ncooooh!!dats so swit
J Bhoy 5 year ago  +1
Well going to get a sookie after I send that to my girl haha
charmiliah 5 year ago  +1 I wish my bf would sah sooo yoh...its lekker!!!
S'nozintle 4 year ago  +1
Wooow!!! Some people ar jc .....amazinG ...this is cute ...I so wish my boyfriend was the one who saw this before I did so...he would say it to!!
WHENG JAYME UMEREZ 4 year ago  +1
Amazing words... Perfect!
fatuhullaiabdullai 4 year ago  +1
There is not vacuum in my for anyone else except you..your love is full in my are driving me crazy now..I love you more then yesterday..
joe cassperous banda 3 year ago  +1
Wow what a text
Sam 2 year ago  +1
taetae 6 year ago
M'khululi 6 year ago
Ama send this to my Girlfriend
joel 5 year ago
Like! It's perfect.
Andrew Joseph Pedro 5 year ago
waooo such a wonderful text.
mexican chica 5 year ago
OMG!!!!!! that is sooooo cute I wish my boyfriend would say that to me:)
Guest 5 year ago
Awwwww tat is so lovly nd cute message x
jade 5 year ago
That's the sweetest thing I've ever read.
Neverstoploving 5 year ago
Wow beautiful, I am young but I know what love is and I have the little school crush going on and if only he would love me, I think he does but love Is love right? But I love this... Best quote ever!
Momoh sheriff 5 year ago
Looking for someone who will love me.
EL Mesh 5 year ago
Wish I had a girl to say this to. I like this.
LESLIE 5 year ago
I feel like saying this to someone as soon as possible.
rugangale 5 year ago
wooh! i told my girlfriend n she was very happy
Tash 5 year ago
Awwww so cute I wish my bf wud seh dat to mi............. It's perfect
thando ka njabulo 5 year ago
wow...soo wondrful
zerine 5 year ago
wow so cute... i wish this has taken birth only for me!
Grayscalet 5 year ago
So sweet So perfect and lovely
Onome 5 year ago
OMG! I can't reallly wait for it.....
Enhle 5 year ago
OMG this is so sweet
Ndivhuwo 5 year ago
I wish my gf she can say this to me
Guest 5 year ago
Wow guys some ppl really have nice things 2 cay,wow this Is wat I cal perfectness you rock!,
austin 4 year ago
This is perfect. I love this, it is so sweet and adorable. im going to use this. its just to perfect.
barbie 4 year ago
Awwwwwww really like it
S'nozintle 4 year ago
Wooow!!! Some people ar jc .....amazinG ...this is cute ...I so wish my boyfriend was the one who saw this before I did so...he would say it to!!
tendie 4 year ago
Wow thats sweet
tashs 4 year ago
wooo that's the most awesome text I have ever read
fatuhullaiabdullai 4 year ago
Police in their way coming to arrest you because you stole my heart and soul
richy 4 year ago
So sweet and lovely
pao 4 year ago
Omg I wish my BF can do that in the future...right now we're 12. LOL :)
macdonald 3 year ago
That's so cute, going to tell my gal this. I really love it!
mc bReEzY 3 year ago
Ummmm dope hey....cute and sweet
Murphrey 3 year ago
Ooooh woow nice words..
USAUSAUSA 3 year ago
If is correct, then the best text message in the world (this one) comes from US soil. USA, USA! LOL
Chixono Anthony skyooo(CAS)411 2 year ago
I said it to my girl guess what@ she called me copy copy"I read it before you'but you reminded me of a late night movie,turned off the light and we played on . Fivestars nice quote
fortune 2 year ago
Love lives
Rapula 2 year ago
wow lol perfect
Soleil 708 days ago
unity 5 year ago  -1
Nyc words I wish I had a girl
kanye 5 year ago  -1
Jst cute, so romentic
Tisha 5 year ago  -1
That's a sweet text hey