I wanted to send you something that would make you smile, but the mail man told me to get out of the mailbox
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posted 5 years ago by Kiracheta


marvin 5 year ago  +3
I love u ann?
chAnnoNe 4 year ago  +1
ReAlLyY cuTe ! I've senD iT tO mYy bF aNd he loVeD it
Guest 4 year ago  +1
wow nc 1
Disdain 3 year ago  +1
I lik it, is nice.
isjad 702 days ago  +1
I love you Ruqaya
Anna 5 year ago
Alay 5 year ago
Made me laugh but its cute tho
nathan 5 year ago
Ive told this to my gf b4
missy 5 year ago
lol..sweet tho
ace 4 year ago
So stupid
loveso_overacted 4 year ago
Chris Oyaato 4 year ago
just a word to say...........''borin''
sirchigo 4 year ago
verry cute nd nice
heyitsmel215 3 year ago
This is a corny romantic joke that I love so much! im gonna send to my boyfriend. I know hell laugh! thx
DAMOLA 3 year ago
tina 3 year ago
Love has no name and definition
lalaine 3 year ago
I love you so very much , I wanna make love to you , I want you god so crazy about you boy!!!
lalaine 3 year ago
Love , you mean alot to me hope your the same to.. even know in my heart your having other girl but that's life I will always love you no matter wants!
Joel 2 year ago
Nice one
irshad 711 days ago
I miss you
Kidrockartist@mail 462 days ago
I love you and miss you more honey.I want you and need you so much baby more than life itself sweetie.
katelyn 425 days ago
Angel 416 days ago
I love you ol
griffins graniva 394 days ago
Waaah! what a nice text!
Guest 315 days ago
IRSHAD 303 days ago
I love my Reglon Islam
Matthew 239 days ago
Ro has is father brother brother who is has only father brother and brother
Kaitlin Zweizig 238 days ago
This one so sweet I want this one day and I will always love that person for the rest of my life
deniwill 129 days ago
๐Ÿ˜Š Love this
qwerty 5 year ago  -1
2dg!rยฃ 5 year ago  -1
Very funny but sweet..........lol:)
holiness 5 year ago  -1
This good, I really love it
Goddyclet 5 year ago  -1
I so much in love wit dis text
2witta bOY 5 year ago  -1
Ag thAt text is bOrin...nxxxxxa!
Lovelygurll 4 year ago  -1
OMG!!! I lurv thisss๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„