Boy: There's just one thing I want to change about you Girl: What's that? Boy: Your last name
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posted 4 years ago by peaceonearth27


George 4 year ago  +2
My girlfriend didn't even understand it. Oh we'll. :/
Samantha 4 year ago  +1
Awww hee my bf did thie to me it put the biggest smile on my face :)
bosslady 4 year ago  +1
and also change the way i think abt boys.
onegirlintheworld:P 4 year ago  +1
that is so cute.
elegant aman 3 year ago  +1
I have no gf ...but I want
Sfyzo 2 year ago  +1
That's so cute
Kayla :D 4 year ago
omg this is sooo sweet i would die if my bf did that to me :'))
sarvesh4711 4 year ago
really Kayla?? :P
ali 4 year ago
Omg that is so cute!!!! <3
Niggabeat 4 year ago
Niggabeat 4 year ago
Fry 4 year ago
I wish she would , but see my last name is too long
Da man 3 year ago
I did that to my gf
Guest 3 year ago
I did tat ta my bf
ratan shil 3 year ago
Hahahaha nice!
Ekeyz 3 year ago
Dis is so so inlove rite nw. tanks
Tash 2 year ago
Lol I would die if my bf tell me that
ahmad 2 year ago
I"am falling down i want sone1 2pick me up grls
mary0507 2 year ago
Awwww omg I would love it if my bf would say that to me omg >"<
jyothi priya 2 year ago
Sooo sweet...
bravo 2 year ago
Guest 101 2 year ago
That's so sweet!!!
fakker 2 year ago
This is awesome
thebest 2 year ago
This is my proposal. Thank you.
Dauglas 708 days ago
what is that name?
barnabas 371 days ago s fantastic (y)
teddyboy 294 days ago
I really love this kind of words
felicity 102 days ago
What he will like to change is that last spelling of G.I.R.L. which is L=love
qwerty 4 year ago  -2