If you ever ask me how many times you've crossed my mind, I would say once. Because you came, and never left.
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posted 4 years ago by ShuboyQY


nel 3 year ago  +3
Wow,l love it
u-jin 4 year ago  +2
thiz is a hot 1
tinnisha 4 year ago  +2
very great will send it to my hubby
mayor 4 year ago  +1
Nice sms
Guest 4 year ago  +1
Ts okay lol :-) and im going back to bed. Goodbye.
Margaret Njeri 4 year ago  +1
I miss my love so very much
Davi's Nderitu 4 year ago  +1
Fantastic brace's bt cn a lady jst hlp me hw 2 mk a lady i lv 4ll in lv wid me.wat do glz lk mst?
melissa 4 year ago  +1
aderayo 4 year ago  +1
hmmm i lov dat
adil 4 year ago  +1
Love 3 year ago  +1
To the special one indeed
mawii 3 year ago  +1
thendo nem... 3 year ago  +1
Heart sea 2 year ago  +1
This is too romantic!!!!
mohan 4 year ago
Very nice msgs i propes sum girls this some msgs
Very punny message 4 year ago
Nice =one
joseph 4 year ago
i think i should tell this to my girl!!
Yoyo 4 year ago
I love it its so sweet
Micheala 4 year ago
If my bf ever said this to me I would melt in his arms
Ann 4 year ago
Woaww that s so sweet love it
Terryn 4 year ago
Hassen yessuf 4 year ago
I like
Izuu 4 year ago
Lovly sms
Hanna Woonie 4 year ago
i really love all da msg! Full of love
Mwebz bryant 4 year ago
This hot
Trouble-Maker 4 year ago
One of d best Sweet-SMS! Love it..
Da'Tiote 4 year ago
Wow!!!.. My girlfriend brain wan bos as i send am give her yesterday. Lolz correct
Arthur 3 year ago
Guest 3 year ago
more frm u. Gud text
Momoh sheriff 3 year ago
Looking for someone who will love me.
yusupha 3 year ago
So so sweet... I like it.
EL Mesh 3 year ago
So Nice, I like this.
solomon 3 year ago
Soooo sweet!
Usee 3 year ago
I Love it
Isaac 3 year ago
Your making my gf "flatterd"
rachel 3 year ago
I love you so much so much you are cool to me do you love me
harsh 3 year ago
tshepiso baby 2 year ago
I like this
Guest 2 year ago
I love you more than any thing on earth.
zee 2 year ago
Wow thats so cute
swapna 2 year ago
Nice answer with great meaning of love
Kerry 2 year ago
Hi there
Junaid lone 2 year ago
Nice sms' I really love it
ramesh 2 year ago
Sweet and cute
Kiran 686 days ago
So nice I like it.
Guest 306 days ago
Nickie Bauer 129 days ago
Olushey David 4 year ago  -1
men you are toomuch, 9ice sms.
Givic 4 year ago  -1
I like it
maveesso 4 year ago  -1
So lovely! (y)
Ann 4 year ago  -1
Woaww that s so sweet love it
priyan 4 year ago  -1
Awesome sms ***lovers must read***
joely 4 year ago  -1
I love this
cklay 4 year ago  -1
how i wish girls and boys could do all the same to each other
Angle 3 year ago  -1
Cute hh...
Ann 3 year ago  -1
Love that one
chandni 3 year ago  -1
Wow! Really wonderful.
musty spando 3 year ago  -1
de most painful thing in life,is wen you miss some one you love.
yus 3 year ago  -1
Nice sms, I love it.
kesentseng 2 year ago  -1
Nice msg
pooh 2 year ago  -1
Nice txt..very very myninful ...
kelvin 2 year ago  -1
gilbertcortez 4 year ago  -2
always remember i will love you forever :-*
Myarema 4 year ago  -2
Hw many do u love me in ur heart.
Dr Hippo 4 year ago  -2
2126 likes, wow
idplus 3 year ago  -2
gud, romatic msg with great meaning, we are expecting more from you..
Natalia 4 year ago  -3
love that