I'm a lover not a fighter, but I'll fight for what i love.
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posted 7 years ago by lovee.


Wizpac 2 year ago  +15
This is my love for you. To give you the best things I can afford, to afford you the best time I can spare and to share my life with you, asking nothing in return.
Kidrockartist@mail 3 year ago  +6
I love you and miss you too the moon and back a trillion times over Bobby aka Kid Rock my Rock
Kidrockartist@mail 3 year ago  +4
macros 2 year ago  +3
Love message
helen. cynthia 3 year ago  +2
I love you
unnati 2 year ago  +2
papu 3 year ago  +1
Good. be a good fighter for your love
brandon 3 year ago  +1
helen. cynthia 3 year ago  +1
Grieven Robben 3 year ago  +1
Yes it's true bcoz love does not alimit
Yenesew 2 year ago  +1
Wow This Love Message Is Best For Me.
James 673 days ago  +1
I wish I could find one of you to love but i have not yet
Sexybaby 624 days ago  +1
Men say sweet shit like this sweep you off your feet then 2 3 years later it's boring to them but yet yeah they love you unconditionally
Laura Morris 292 days ago  +1
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Rodgers Watt 2 year ago
Hellen Cynthia try me
Rashidi 683 days ago
Ts so sexy 2 me
Rashidi 683 days ago
Ts so sexy 2 me
dynomash 581 days ago
dynomash 581 days ago
NONIE MASLENDER 572 days ago
claire 543 days ago
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miracle 386 days ago
I love you more than my life love you
jnr memeh 281 days ago
Laura 247 days ago
Love me, for who I am.
helen. cynthia 3 year ago  -1
Jennifer 3 year ago  -1
I love these because of what people say it is all true.
Iya 3 year ago  -1
Nice one 😊
chukay234 2 year ago  -1
I'm hungry,so hungry for your love.
Julius banda 2 year ago  -1
This is sweet massage to me
Rodgers Watt 2 year ago  -1
Nice for me
oluwashegub 2 year ago  -1
I like 👍 and I love ❤ it.