A man can love a million girls, but a real man loves one girl in million ways...
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posted 3 years ago by Ravi khadka


amnah 3 year ago  +4
there is realy very rare peaple in this world..to get such life partner to see him as a real man ... masha allaha how lucky they are...
john 2 year ago  +4
I hate any cliche that tries to say what a "real man" is.
mulilo 3 year ago  +3
That is powerful....like it...
Guest 3 year ago  +3
mashallah i lke it
Abby Elliott 3 year ago  +3
Actually you can find the right guy. I did and he loves me more then anything in the world.
ermi 3 year ago  +2
woow its real man love
Francis 3 year ago  +2
Nice Word, I love it
Titus Johnson 3 year ago  +1
True love is who show no reason 4 loving u.
jerome 3 year ago  +1
You can love millions humans in one way and love ones in millions way
fazisy 2 year ago  +1
Very beautiful feelings but real man existence is incredible or less ..
keke grace 3 year ago
ya is true
sampath 317 days ago
Ya real true....
Phuthego 298 days ago
Yaa that's a real man.